ElevenGear Traffic Master Jersey Review


I am an ultra-endurance athlete through and through… I run, ride, scramble, survive and push myself to the limits of my abilities, always looking for unique and challenging ways to test myself physically and mentally. I am passionate about being outside and promote trail races and cycling events in my community. I am a colorado based charity founder that provides kids scholarships to attend NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). We fund those scholarships with the proceeds from our races! I live in Pagosa Springs, a small Colorado mountain town nestled at the base of the San Juan Mountains. Athletic highlights include 4xLeadville 100 bike and 4xLeadville 100 run finisher and "big buckler", Leadman, Leadville marathon and Leadville SilverRush mtb top 10 finisher, Badwater, Marathon Des Sables finisher, Trans Rockies Run 80+ podium finisher, Race Across the Sands 1st and 3rd place finisher, 4-Corners Cycle Cross Series 2nd overall.

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