ET.CYCLE F720 Electric Fat Tire Bike Review

Mark Ranum

Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.

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9 Responses

  1. Kevin Bulbeck says:

    Hey Mark,
    thank you for your thorough review of the F720 . I bought one around 2 months ago – have done over 1,500 kms. I use it to commute to work and anywhere I need to go except long distances and to get a load of groceries. I have been getting around 70kms from the battery. A couple of things that other buyers should be aware of – the tyres are quite thin so they are puncture prone (had one after a week 8 kms from home – not fun as the bike is heavy) the shop I bought it from had just got in some heavy duty tyres and they have been great – only problem is the back mudguard does not fit now and I have to keep the back tyre at a pressure of 20 (30 is the recommendation) other wise it rubs against the frame. I am 70 kgs so for someone heavy that may not be enough pressure in the tyre. Also means it kicks up water and mud at the back now.
    The other thing that recently happened is it started making a high pitched sound intermittently with some associated flat spots in the power – I discovered the battery was moving as the screws had loosened that holds the arm the battery is locked into (so the arm was sliding up and down slightly). It is a flimsy arrangement so needs checking regularly. When I tightened the screws securing the battery the sound stopped . Other than that I love the bike – it gets lots of comments and folds neatly into my storage cage – I am in a third floor apartment with no lift.
    cheers Kevin

  2. Mark Ranum says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Thank you for taking the time to read the review and share your experience! That is unfortunate to here about the tires, so far I have had good luck with mine and no flats, fingers crossed it stays that way until they need to be replaced. After adding a few hundred more miles, I did experience the loose screws as you mentioned and used some Loctite thread-locker on them once and they have stayed in place ever since. It didn’t appear that was done at the factory and was definitely an over site on ET. CYCLES part, especially considering the huge amount of vibration that happens when riding bikes. I hope that you continue to enjoy riding the F720.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience, it is always great to get more input on the products we test and review.

  3. George Moor says:

    I bought one. The Q&A section listed top speed of 37 MPH? Can this E-bike be reprogramed to go 37 MPH or faster?

  4. Mark Ranum says:

    Hi George,

    Thanks for the question. Something tells me that the “MPH” in the Q and A should have been “KPH”. There is absolutely no way to get the F720 to reach 37 MPH. Even on a long steep downhill it would be hard pressed to get to that speed.

  5. Kevin Bulbeck says:

    Hi Mark,
    just to follow up on the moving battery. The store inserted a rubber collar on the frame beneath the seat so the battery sits securely now. I have had the bike up to 50 kmph on a very steep hill, there is no way I would go faster than that. At 50 it was bordering on being unstable.

  6. Mark Ranum says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for letting us know, that will certainly be a welcome improvement!

  7. Bmac says:

    I got a flat on the stock tires in the first week of riding my new ET Cycle F1000. When changing the tire to fix the hole in the inner tube I noticed the main tire wasn’t much thicker than the inner tube itself. Quite disappointed considered to the F1000 was sold to me with the salesman telling me, amoung many other statements, that it had puncture proof tires. After pushing the heavy bike with a flat tire for over 5 miles to get home and fixing the above flat tire I ordered new tires that had much thicker rubber for $220. Going on the theory that ‘you can’t score if you don’t shoot’ I went back to the purchasing store and same salesman requesting some compensation for the new tires I bought. He was very polite in his refusal of any financial return.

  8. Kevin says:

    Hi Mark, just another update on the F720.

    Have now had the bike 14 months (6900 kms). Still love riding it. Today one of the pedals snapped so have replaced both with sturdier non folding pedals. I would recommend anyone who doesn’t need folding pedals to ditch them, they seem to be made of not very strong plastic. And when it snapped was dangerous, got out of it with bruising to my other foot as my footing slipped while crossing a road. I am a light weight at 70 kgs so don’t put a lot of pressure on them.

    Like the contributor above I replaced the tyres early. No punctures after 14 months on the thicker tyres despite finding a nail imbedded. I also have not had to put any air in them since having the new ones fitted.

  9. Mark Ranum says:

    Hi Kevin,

    That is a lot of km’s. Thanks for sharing the experience you have had with the bike so far, we really like hearing about it and it is very helpful for all of the readers.

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