Mokwheel Basalt Review: A Power Station And E-Bike

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Mokwheel has a couple of classic E-bikes, but the Basalt falls into their Power Station E-bike category. What does that mean? Well, the Basalt is a versatile all-terrain electric bike that has a built in power station. Not only does it take a charge to become a mode of versatile transportation, but also becomes a source for all of our other important devices. E-bikes have come on strong the last 5-6 years, and this is a new and exciting progression for this industry.

The concept of getting more people out on bikes is one I wholeheartedly support. I know in my city, rebates are being handed out in waves with the booming e-bike popularity. With this in mind, the Mokwheel Basalt is now a next-level opportunity to become an all-in-one bicycle to hit the town or trail.

Basalt, Colorado

Basalt is a small city just outside of the very exclusive ski resort town of Aspen. There’s plenty of recreational outdoor activity in that part of the world. I don’t know if Mokwheel intended that town as their inspiration, but the solid build of this e-bike is quite impressive and mimics the awe inspiring setting of Basalt.

I have dubbed this bike as a “beast”, because that is truly my first impression. Strong, aggressive, and speedy is my initial take-away as I tackle my local trails for the first time.

A Big Box Delivery Is Always Exciting

The Mokwheel Basalt was delivered, and I immediately set out to put it together. It survived the trip without as much as a tiny indent in the box. Thus, their shipping department did a good job, as all the important pieces are tucked away and protected for consumer assembly.

The photo below shows everything as it came out of the box. In reality, the Basalt is mostly put together. The handle bars are already wired, but simply need to be fastened. Basically, to put the finals wraps on it, the pedals, front fender, tire, and rear rack have to get connected.

I’d say, an hour was spent on it total, but that was because I was being methodical and meticulous. On the other hand, you can take the Basalt to your local bike shop to give you a hand with assembly, but I’d say it is easy enough for most people. If you do this yourself, you may need an extra hand a few times because of its weight.

The Mokwheel Basalt Power Station

The Power Station capability of this e-bike is next level stuff. Seriously, think about the possibilities as you take this vehicle out on your adventures.

Being able to head out, carry along your electronics, and feel secure that you can always be connected is huge and satisfying. In my daily life, I simply can’t take time off, or be away from a phone for too long. That said, I run, ski, mountaineer, and bike to mentally and physically re-charge as well. Which means, that I want to disconnect for a little while. Subsequently, I am a bit torn about always being connected, but it is nice to know that I can be reached and able to respond.

The Power Station component is groundbreaking technology which is a definite step up in the E-bike world. In the end, it will depend on your intended use of the Mokwheel Basalt. Certainly, there will be moments where I can play and work at the same time while enjoying my outdoor fun.

Mileage Range

The Mokwheel Basalt has a range of 60-80 miles per individual charge. Always on Turbo will not get you there, so I’d play it safe for a bit until you figure out your range. I am hoping to complete a mountain pass loop (as soon as the snow melts of course) that is upwards of 60 miles. I’ll have to report back once I have journeyed across Georgia pass to Breckinridge and back over Boreas Pass.

The Basalt comes in one size to suit ‘most’ adults. That range of height per Mokwheel is 5’-8” to 6’-4”. It’s all about stand-over height, and the top tube will be an issue for anyone under that height. Even at 5′-8″ it may be a little tight.  Hence, if you have a chance, try one out to determine if the Mokwheel Basalt is a worthy E-bike for you.

The Mokwheel Basalt Highlights

Battery And Charger

The Samsung 48V 19.6Ah (925 Wh) Lithium-ion battery is what makes this bike such a solid performer. The power boost is significant. It does not take much for this Basalt to get up to speed with the push of a button. Add in the leg pedal power, and the torque kicks in to provide as much power as you put in. The charger syncs nicely with its 48V 3.0A 100-240V capabilities. Recharging takes about 6 to 8 hours, but an overnight charge will be plenty. Just don’t forget to unplug it in the morning.


This is where the “Beast” comes to life. Honestly, this torque powered 48V 750W Brushless Rear Hub Motor is the real deal. More so, in the Turbo setting, you simple need to lightly press on the pedals, and this Basalt literally lurches ahead.

I’ve seen video clips with the electric car versus muscle car drag races, and the e-versions have this immediate connection without the need to ever shift. Subsequently, I feel that this e-bike has similar qualities. The speed is 28 mph on the top setting (Turbo), and with some effort, I can get it close to 30 mph at times.


This is a heavy bike! Especially if you are coming from the pedal powered biking side of things. However, a Motorcycle person, will appreciate the 79 pounds. Neither here nor there, the bike has some heft, but can certainly be managed by the average adult. Unquestionably, the reason for this weight is that the payload capacity is 450 pounds which should be plenty for most riders and/or their gear. I’m guessing I’d be in the 250-300 pound range with added gear, water, and food if I’m out for a longer period of time. With this in mind, I have plenty of weight to play with once I add a basket, and hit the grocery or hardware store.

One thing to keep in mind, that your average bike rack will not be able to support the weight of these 80 pound e-bikes. This is a motorcycle rack which I picked up used locally.


The Chaoyang 26×4.0” Puncture Resistant Tire is a massive stability force to keep this Mokwheel Basalt rubber side down. In addition, the grip is great for whatever kind of dirt, gravel, or snow you want to take it on. Even on an asphalt or concrete road, I play around with the cornering ability of a tire, and at the right pressure I can confidently lean quite far into a turn. This is as “fat” as they get, so rolling over any kind of obstacles is a piece of cake.


The Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes are what’s needed to help me stop on a dime. I really played around with this on a variety of surfaces to test how quickly and efficiently I am able to stop. This is super critical, because it could be a life or death moment to be able stop quickly.

The brake calipers that make that strong stop happen are tightly packed in between the brake housing. Initially, I had to play with the adjustment of those calipers to create the proper spacing, since there was a small rub. In turn, I got that to go away with a couple of allen wrench turns. If you don’t have the bike wrench capabilities, the local bike shop can certainly help you address that.

Front Fork

The front fork is solid with the 110mm adjustable suspension which is plenty to absorb any pavement inconsistencies or the occasional small pothole. I am playing around with the settings a little bit to see how much the shock truly helps with a smooth ride. There is significant weight with the shock, but the suspension does help with control and maneuverability overall, I believe. If the full shock is in effect, and you plan on pedaling more on a lower pedal assist setting, then you may experience some bounce.

Handlebar And Grips

A nice soft leather handgrip with a padded palm is a wonderful addition. It adds a bit of class plus some comfort. In addition, the gear shifter is right there which allows for easy shifting on the go.

Taking The Mokwheel Basalt Out On Roads And The Trails

Like I said earlier, the Mokwheel Basalt in simple terms is a beast. Obviously, I mean that in a very positive way. I can see this bike being a good fit for many folks no matter their ability. The bike is very stable and comfortable on whatever terrain I’ve taken it on. 4″ wide tires are a serious force for providing stability, control, and ride comfort. Subsequently, the more I rode, the more confident I got taking corners and going over surface inconsistencies.

My first take was that I couldn’t wait to take this piece of machinery out on the trails, gravel, and rural roads. Most true mountain bike trails don’t allow much more than a class 1 e-bike rating. I get that, and I don’t have any plans to really go for a hardcore single track ride anyway. Technical drops and quick twisty lines don’t seem to appealing to me on this bike. I am looking forward to adventures on gravel, dirt, logging roads, and 4×4 mountain passes.

The electric assist is really good. Up to 20 mph in a heartbeat. If today is not the day you want to push a pedal, you can get to your destination without much effort. There are 5 separate modes to give you that little extra boost. The first two modes provide a little bit of assist, but at Sport and Turbo is where this e-bike became fun. Turbo mode was one of pure pleasure. Mokwheel advertises top speed is 28 mph with the pedal assist. In all honesty, with a bit of extra leg power, I could consistently get the Mokwheel Basalt up to 30 mph. I almost wish the gear ratio would include a slightly more difficult setup, so I wouldn’t spin out at top speed. The one thing to be aware of is that the battery does drain much quicker on Turbo mode.

I picked up a Motorcyle hitch carrier that fit this e-bike perfectly.

Depending on how you want to use this Mokwheel Basalt, they’ve made it apparent that you have quite a few options. Add a front and back rack, and you can haul quite a bit gear or the weekly groceries. I think I want to strip it down a little more for myself to make it more all-terrain ready.

That said, I will take off the rear rack and both fenders. I love the wide 4″ tires, so I hope to encounter my fair share of snow and mud. You might think, you’d want to keep the fenders on for that. The clearance of those fenders is rather snug, so I don’t want to have any debris, snow, or mud get caught up in the clearance. Besides, I don’t mind getting a bit dirty or wet as a sacrifice.


I have grand intentions to take this Mokwheel Basalt out on some more rugged terrain in and around a cabin we have the good fortune of calling home on the occasional weekend. There are numerous mountain passes nearby as well as the Colorado trail that I love to explore. The big snow melts haven’t quite occurred to allow me to get very far up those roads. As soon as the sun starts to hit those passes, I will head straight up to conquer amazing Rocky Mountain views.

I’m not sure why a bottle cage wasn’t included on the down stem. I think that would be a simple add. The heft of that down stem is serious because that’s where the batteries are situated. Hence, adding a couple of bolts for a cage would be great to be able to carry some hydration along.

I’m a bit disappointed with the seat for myself. Having said that, I am used to a smaller form fitting lightweight saddle, so I’m not saying this seat won’t work for most that purchase this bike. The saddle is soft and comfortable, and that will appeal to many folks out there. I had to shift around a bit during my longer rides to stay comfortable. Also, keep in mind that specific “saddle time” is something you need to get used to. Consistent time in the saddle over numerous rides will definitely help you become one with the saddle. I will probably throw one of my other saddles on there, so problem solved.

April 6th this year is opening day in Denver for the Colorado Rockies baseball team. After a decent snow fall a few days prior, the Colorado sun came out and made for a wonderful day. I live about 20 minutes from Downtown, and found out that parking in the nearby garages was going for $40 plus. Event parking they call it. Consequently, I brought out the Mokwheel Basalt, and cruised to the game in style.

The basalt has become my main commuter. This is a fun bike, and gets me where I want to go while replacing many of my car trips. When a day goes by, and I haven’t taken my car out of the garage is a pure joy. The gas savings over time are significant. Ultimately, zipping around standstill traffic provides such a pleasure. I feel like I am doing my part for the environment with a big grin on my face as the wind flows through my hair (under a helmet of course).

My drive to work usually takes me 20-25 minutes without traffic. On my Mokwheel Basalt, I went both ways under 20 minutes. My record is now 16:48. The ability to take advantage of shortcuts, bike lanes, and limited traffic going through neighborhood streets are one thing. The speed of this bike is truly a difference maker.

The front light shines plenty of lumens on the trail at night. However, I always turn it on when riding. It is one more identifier that keeps me safe from other motorists. As such, I will likely add a few more blinking light options to make myself as visible as possible.

I am liking the control panel design, and positioning. It’s simple, and the electric assist button is easily accessible without having to look down. That is important to me. For most of my rides, I don’t stray from the power setting too much unless I know I have a big hill coming up. If I know that’s the case, I will usually change it when I am standing still at stoplight.

This E-bike is one of the more powerful and aggressive options out there. I am loving the fact that I can get to work quicker, meet clients, and take trips to the grocery store without getting into my car. Driver education is certainly a thing that needs to happen. They see a bike, and don’t expect it to come up on them so quickly. Hence, be on alert as drivers will pull out in front of you without much warning. Luckily, these disc brakes are a super safety feature.

Mokwheel Basalt Accessories

The list of extras you can add on are quite impressive and long. I personally won’t be adding too much initially until I figure out how my Basalt will be used for the duration. Following are the worthy ones, in my opinion, that could certainly make life a whole lot more fun on this bike.

Rear Rack

The rear rack that comes with my Basalt is sturdy, wide, and can hold a smaller passenger without any trouble. Plus, I am playing around with a strap system to safely attach my bigger duffel bag. I may remove it for the summer as I start to tackle more mountainous terrain. The rear brake light would also have to come off, so I haven’t quite decided what my plan of attack will be. I am not a huge fan of carrying my accessories on my back. Hence, I have some decisions to make if the rack plus the bag mentioned below will be how my rig ends up looking.

Foldable Solar Panels

The solar panels are next level. Seriously. This add-on folds up and can be brought along to let the sun provide that wonderful power boost. If you are planning a longer excursion to be able to charge the bike as well as your gadgets, this will come in quite handy.

I believe the intent is to be able to bring foldable solar panels along to keep at a basecamp of sorts. And for my purposes, that would be a remote camping spot in either the dessert or the mountains. Having said that, I am hoping that Mokwheel comes out with an attachment of some sort that allows the “suitcase” to become part of the bike. Consequently, a longer haul could be accomplished with maybe a multi-day excursion. Food for thought. More detailed information HERE


You do need the inverter as part of the Solar Panels, so there is that initial upfront investment. Once acquired, the ability is there to truly work remotely as you retreat into nature, or simply go to your local park. Pick one up HERE

Large Rear Rack And Front Mounted Basket

If you want storage to haul pretty much whatever you like, then these baskets are totally worth it. The extra space is enormous, and would certainly aid in a camping expedition or a simple trip to the market. For more details visit Mokwheel

Front rack

Rear Top Bag

The Mokwheel Basalt Rear Top Bag is quite shapely, and fits nicely on the back rack. Simultaneously, it is waterproof to keep all your valuable (or lunch) safe, sound, and dry. In addition, it can easily be removed and used as a shoulder bag. That’s one I am eyeing as an addition, because I think it’s a really good value. Pick one up here

Mokwheel has put together a nice compilation of facts, so if you have any other questions maybe take a look there as well. Mokwheel FAQ

Technical specifications and features

  • Battery:                Samsung 48V 19.6Ah (925 Wh) Lithium-ion
  • Charger:              48V 3.0A 100-240V
  • Speed Class:       Up to 28 mph on Level 5 PAS
  • Weight:                79 lbs
  • Range:                60-80 miles
  • Payload Weight: 450 lbs
  • Tires:                  Chaoyang 26×4.0” Puncture Resistant Tire
  • Display:              LED Integrated
  • Brakes:               Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Chain:                 KMC Stainless Chain
  • Crank Set:          48T Double Sided Aluminum Alloy Crankset
  • Derailleur:          7 speed Shimano Rear Derailleur
  • Front Fork:         110mm Adjustable suspension
  • Frame:                6061 Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery
  • Throttle:             Thumb Throttle
  • Handlebar:         Aluminum Alloy 31.8mm, 720 mmy
  • Kickstand:          6061 Aluminum Kickstand
  • Rims:                  Aluminum Alloy
  • Saddle:               Customized Comfort Leather Seat
  • Spokes:              Front 13 and Rear 12 Gauge

Final Take On The Mokwheel Basalt

In conclusion, the Mokwheel Basalt is a heavy duty solid electric biking machine that provides confidence on the road or trail. This E-bike is wonderful for recreation, or as a mode of functional transportation. With that said, the Power Station is and added bonus, and a fabulous add-on to a great e-bike.

Undoubtedly, this power station feature is quite unique, and provides the rider the ability to power up any or all devices to allow you to go farther and explore more. Above all, the Mokwheel Basalt is a smooth ride that is fast, while also being built like a tank. I love how responsive and commanding this Mokwheel Basalt is, and how it can absolutely take the place of many of my car trips. Certainly, you will want to do your research to compare viable options, but I give a strong vote of confidence towards this E-bike as a real value purchase. For more information or purchase please visit

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.
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