Priority Continuum Onyx Bike Review


Shannon, our fabulous female tester, takes gear testing to a new level for women. When not at work or school, she is most likely training for a marathon, climbing one of Colorado’s tallest peaks, riding her road bike, or skiing down a mountain slope. Like many women, Shannon gets cold easily, therefore, we try to test the best all weather gear to help her stay warm and dry during all day outdoor pursuits. In the warmer months, Shannon enjoys exploring the Colorado backcountry with her friends and dogs and attempts to escape for as many trail runs as her schedule allows. Shannon is a great women’s tester because she gives readers true insight into how a product may perform for an active woman.

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5 Responses

  1. Charanjit Channi says:

    Fabulous review

  2. Kathleen Pennington says:

    Thanks fir the review. I’m 5’7 with a 31in inseam. The sizing graph says I should get a 19in but I’m worried the reach will be too much. At 5’9 with a 33in do you feel that the 19’ would be too big for me?

  3. Mark Ranum says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    Thanks for question. If your inseam measurement is 31 in. the 19 inch bike should be the perfect fit. As a note, your measured inseam is not the same as your pants length. See this video for proper inseam measurement —-> If you still feel unsure about the correct bicycle size, send an email to they are extremely helpful and will answer any questions you have and provide you with the correct size recommendation.

  4. Ania says:

    Hi Kathleen, very informative review. I’m 5’3 with a 30 inseam. According to the sizing graph, I should get a 19in. Do you feel that the 19’ would be too big for me?

  5. Mark Ranum says:

    Hi Ania,

    Thanks for the compliment and the question. For the best sizing recommendation, watch this video here –> . Just to double check correct inseam measurement, since you are very close on the sizing chart. If your inseam remains at 30″ then we would recommend the 19″ frame. In addition, you could also reach out directly to Priority Bicycle at to confirm they would recommend the same.

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