Litespeed Archon C2 Bike Review


A.J. Johnson started running when he was 6 years old. Growing up he played all types of sports, from your standard soccer and baseball, to B.M.X. at a national level, and tennis at the college level. He never stopped running and eventually got into triathlon. After 10 years in triathlon, 2 of them at the professional level, he “retired” from racing and now gets outside for fun. He enjoys all variations of skiing, cycling, and running and is up for just about anything outdoors. He still enjoys competing in endurance events and has started the Endure Tour as a way to race and raise funds for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. To find out more about him, and to see what he’s currently doing, go to

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  1. Elburrito99 says:

    I own a Litespeed C1R with an Ultegra build and think the bike is unbelievable. Very aero, incredibly stiff, and fairly light (for an aero bike). The 60 ton carbon fiber is top of the line stuff that’s only used on some of the most expensive superbikes around. I sold a Cervelo to buy my Litespeed and wouldn’t trade my Litespeed for any other bike on the road.

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