Giro Code Techlace Adventure Shoe Review

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The Giro Code Techlace are the perfect shoe for what’s slowly but surely been infiltrating the cycling industry for several years now. And no, I’m not talking about E-bikes. It is the one bike that can do-it-all phenomena that is adventure, gravel, cross, road, cyclo, multi-terrain, etc. Whatever your name for it, it is a bike that is sturdy and strong enough to handle most types of terrain (except super technical), but still feels great on the road. In essence, you can get away with one bike in the garage (Don’t tell my wife that though….). The Giro Code Techlace are also designed to handle a diverse set of riding conditions. They provide traction and protection, yet are smooth and lightweight for a delicate balance to handle whatever kind of conditions or surfaces you throw at it.

A Closer Look Into The Technology and Detailed Specifications

Extra toe protection and grip.

The upper is smooth and supple. Plenty of tiny little holes to get some airflow going.

The Code Techlace Upper

  • One-piece upper design
  • Premium Evofiber™ SL breathable Teijin® microfiber
  • Techlace™ + Boa IP 1 dial (1mm +/- with macro release)

The Techlace technology is Giro’s revolutionary race focused shoe system. Designed for maximal performance with superb power transfer while maintaining the ability to stand up to the rigors of the trail. Techlace replaces the D-rings and other hardware with laces to provide a more supple feel across the forefoot. The Boa L6 offers fast and easy adjustments in 1mm increments. Boa is not new, but they’ve definitely “dialed in” their technology. I always need to tighten my shoes when I’m a few miles into my ride. This is easily done on this version of the Boa. Plus they’ve added a bash guard for some added protection (see photo above where the small shield helps protect the boa dial).

A tough rubber sole. Plus the option to add some “cleats” to the front for extra grip and traction if the situation warrants.

The Giro Code Techlace Outsole

  • Easton ® EC90 SLX2 high-modulus carbon
  • Steel hardware, Replaceable heel pads

And wouldn’t you know it, Vibram rubber has made its way into the shoe as well. The Easton EC70carbon composite outsole is finished with Vibram’s patented and very popular technology to provide protection, durability, and grip. That grip is already paying dividends for me. I try to stay on my bike if at all possible. When I have to hike-a-bike, it always seems like I’m out of my element. Not the case here, I can easily jump off, push the bike, hop on rocks, etc.

The Footbed

  • Super Natural Fit Kit with adjustable arch support
  • X- Static ® anti-microbial fiber


  • 210 grams (size 42.5)

Take extra note of how the bottom portions of the shoes along the side reach up for additional protection as well as keep your feet dry a little longer.

It’s the Evofiber upper that has me raving about this Giro Code Techlace. It fits so nice that I never give comfort a second thought. With the adjustable lacing and dial features, the fit is smooth and comfortable even more so after a month of testing. It’s snug without being tight. They feel like they’ve been custom shrink wrapped for my foot alone! The Easton EC70 carbon composite sole is stiff for optimum power transfer to the pedals. I’m not at that level to really notice the difference there, but I’ll take any advantage I can get.

Adventure Biking We Will Go With The Giro Code Techlace

This is shoe number three in my Giro experience. I sort of stumbled upon my first pair at the Bikes Together resale shop. They are a non-profit, that refurbishes donated bikes to give to kids. Plus they’ll take any kind of used gear to resale back to the public. Think Goodwill, but better, because it’s for bikes. Anyway, they were my size, looked fairly new, and they have been the bomb for a good 6-7 years now. Then, I had the opportunity to take the Giro Factor Techlace for a spin. These have now been my go-to road shoe for the past 2 years, and see no reason to stop using them. The quality is top-notch, and the daily wear has introduced a few blemishes, but nothing to stop me from enjoying them to the fullest.

Bring on the Giro Code Techlace. Earlier this year, I also brought a new bike into the stable. I have settled on calling it my adventure bike, because it takes me places in the beautiful state of Colorado that most can only dream of. I had been using some older mountain bike shoes, and those had worked fine. However, here is my chance to up my game. First of all, I know that they’ll fit my foot well based on my experience with other Giro models. Second, having a top-notch shoe with all the bells and whistles that provide a next-level edge in performance.

Above tree line exploring the great Mt. Antero. Photo credit: Nikolai Gilroy

As with my dress and running shoes, I buy high-quality footwear. I have realized over time that I spend too much valuable time on them. Hence, I never hesitate to spend top dollar. The recommended MSRP from Giro is $300. Does that give me second thoughts and motivation to shop around? Absolutely! I will tell you though, that this is money well spent and completely worth it. If these Giro Code Techlace hold up like my others have, they will easily last twice as long as many other competing brands.Above treeline exploring the great Mt. Antero. Photo credit: Nikolai Gilroy

Sizing And Fit Of The Giro Code Techlace

They have a very simple and easy to use shoe size conversion tool. Plugin your size, and it will spit out the differences. Shoe sizing can be tricky.  Many cycling shoes are designed and produced in the EU sizing standards which vary slightly to our US system. The US size can fall slightly outside the EU size, so use caution, or go try some on somewhere. I know that a good size for me has been an EU 45 while US size 11 is my size for most other footwear. Play around with it, and see what works for you.

Giro does have a very wide selection of sizes and width, so it is likely you will find one that works for you. They do have a policy that you have 60 days to try on your shoes. If they don’t feel right, Giro will work with you to “make it right”

I will mention that if you have a wider foot, I would explore their options a bit further. As mentioned before, they fit like a sock, snug but comfortable on the width front. True to size on the length I would say.

Final Thoughts On My Giro Code Techlace Adventure Kicks

To be able to ride a bike is a privilege and pure joy. The full spectrum of emotions can be found while pushing oneself to places and adventures that can only be had on a bike. The Giro Code Techlace are now my happy companions on those rides. I’ve come to depend on their durability and performance. The attention to detail for all the features are well thought out, all the while keeping the lightweight performance in mind. For more information about this and other Giro Cycling shoes, please visit

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.
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