Meindl Comfort Fit Walker Review

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Meindl Comfort Fit Walker

The Meindl Comfort Fit Walker is a versatile shoe built for the next adventure, from rugged trails to city streets. Based in Germany, Meindl boasts a remarkable legacy spanning over 300 years in crafting top-tier footwear. As a Coloradan navigating the diverse terrain of the Rocky Mountains this spring, I’ve put these new Comfort Fit Walkers to the test amidst slush, mud, and pavement, as well as on early-season hikes.

Meindl’s reputation precedes itself as a trailblazer in the outdoor footwear realm, credited with pioneering innovations like bringing in GORE-TEX waterproofing to Europe. Their commitment to comfort, reliability, and quality shines through in every step, catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Having delved into the history and ethos behind Meindl, I’ve spent the past few months immersing myself in the performance of the Comfort Fit Walkers. Here are my firsthand experiences with these time-tested yet innovative shoes from Meindl.

Initial Thoughts on the Meindl Comfort Fit Walkers

The Meindl Comfort Fit Walker is a shoe that is made for both trails and urban hard surfaces. The features of the shoes allow for comfort on a variety of surfaces.  

The upper portion of the shoe is made from waxed Nubuck leather. Nubuck leather is a wear resistant high quality leather that has a sanded finish. Additionally, the leather used by Meindl is sustainably sourced and goes through an innovative process called Meindl Identity. Each hide used in the leather manufacturing is labeled and can be traced down to the individual ranch that the cow was raised on. This number is stamped on the inner portion of the boot cuff and allows the end user a way of tracking the source of their shoe leather. All of the cows are raised in the alpine regions of Bavaria and Austria. Along with providing good animal welfare the hide is treated responsibly as well. No chrome is used in the tanning process and the manufacturing process is carbon neutral.   

Nubuck Leather with Double Stitching

In combination with the nubuck leather, there is a layer of GORE-TEX. These two materials provide both waterproofing and breathability.

Comfort Fit Technology

The design of the Comfort Fit Walker is built around the Comfort Fit Technology. This design maximizes the area of the toe box while narrowing down the area of the heel. The open toe box does many things for the hiker such as maximizing stability on uneven surfaces and creating space for the foot to expand on long walks. This design also keeps the big toe straight which aids in walking. The snug heel locks the foot in place and limits movement within the shoe.  

Supportive Heel Cup

Multigrip Sole

The sole of the Comfort Fit Walker is the Meindl Multigrip. The multipgrip technology combines two different types of outsoles used. The Comfort Fit Walker features a grippy inner portion that is perfect for off road trails and hiking. The outer portion of the outsole is made to cushion the hard impact of concrete and pavement. The insole of the walker is made from cork. 

Insole with Cork Bed Underneath

Multigrip Outsole

Testing the Meindl Comfort Fit Walker

The craftsmanship of these shoes is quite exceptional. The Comfort Fit Walkers are a blend of art and quality materials. Given the meticulous construction, I anticipate these shoes to endure for many years to come. Having favored leather hiking boots in the past, I am particularly impressed by the quality of the leather used in the Comfort Fit Walkers. While I appreciate the understated elegance of their singular color, a pop of contrast with bright laces could add a touch of flair in line with traditional European style.



One significant challenge I encountered with these shoes was finding the right size. Meindl recommends sizing down by about one full size from the measured U.S. size. However for me, it was closer to one and a half sizes smaller. Typically wearing a 10.5 in boots and shoes, I found the size 9.5 Meindl to be slightly on the large side. I would strongly advise trying on a few Meindl boots in-store, as getting the perfect fit is crucial, especially considering the expected longevity of these boots.

Once I dialed in the right fit, I found these shoes to be incredibly sturdy. My foot felt securely anchored, with minimal movement. The Comfort Fit Technology effectively creates toe space while preventing excessive sliding. These shoes remain comfortable for my eight to ten hour days.  

Comfort Fit Walkers On the Trail

Navigating Spring Challenges

These Meindl Comfort Fit Walkers have become my footwear staple this spring, adapting seamlessly to the unpredictable conditions of the Rockies. From summer-like temperatures to sudden snowfall, choosing appropriate footwear has been a daily challenge. Designed with mountain conditions in mind, these shoes excel in muddy and wet environments. Despite encountering slush, puddles, and active snow, I’ve been consistently impressed by their performance in wet and soggy conditions.

Enjoying a Beautiful Mother’s Day Out

In contrast, these shoes offer excellent breathability for warmer spring days. With their lightweight construction and GORE-TEX technology, my feet remain cool and dry even after extended walks and hikes. Their comfort extends to long periods of wear, making them ideal for my daily routine, whether teaching in my classroom or enjoying impromptu hikes with my kids during breaks. The outer portion of the outsoles provides comfort on hard pavement, ensuring comfort throughout the day. These versatile shoes have seamlessly integrated into my lifestyle, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of footwear and proving ideal for light to moderate hikes.

Walking Near the Creek

Stroll With the Dog


Sustainability is a top priority of mine when it comes to selecting outdoor gear. I believe in supporting products that are mindful of their environmental impact and strive to minimize harm to the natural world. Above all else, it is essential for outdoor products to align with the ethos of protecting the very environments they’re designed for.

I’m particularly drawn to the concept of traceability in the sourcing of materials, such as the leather used in these boots. The ability to trace the origin of the leather back to the ranch where the cow was raised adds a sense of accountability and ethical consideration to the product. While I wasn’t able to locate this specific information on the Comfort Fit Walker Shoes, it’s possible that this feature is reserved for certain footwear models. Nevertheless, I appreciate Meindl’s commitment to sourcing leather from sustainably raised cows, reflecting a broader dedication to responsible practices throughout their product range.

Fix Not Replace

Another aspect of sustainability that I really value in the Comfort Fit Walker is its resoleable design. Instead of discarding the entire shoe when the tread wears out, it can be resoled, extending its lifespan significantly. This not only reflects Meindl’s confidence in the durability of their product but also provides a practical solution to prolonging the shoe’s usability. In a culture dominated by disposable fashion, this commitment to longevity and sustainability stands out as commendable.

Beautiful Spring Day in the Meindl Comfort Walkers

Specs on the Comfort Fit Walkers Taken Directly From Meindl

  • Height 5”
  • Not Insulated
  • Weight 2.25lbs per pair
  • Waterproof with GORE-Tex
  • Nubuck Leather upper material
  • Midsole EVA
  • Outsole Meindl Multi Grip
  • Resoleable
  • Country of Origin Italy

Final Thoughts

The Meindl Comfort Fit Walkers prove to be an excellent choice of footwear, particularly during the unpredictable weather of Springtime in the Rockies. Their outstanding craftsmanship, quality materials, and eco-conscious manufacturing set them apart. Innovative features like the Meindl Comfort Fit design and the incorporation of GORE-TEX make these shoes versatile for all-day wear. Whether navigating pavement or light hiking trails, the Comfort Fit Walkers offer exceptional cushioning and support. For those seeking a high-quality pair of shoes capable of handling diverse terrain with ease, the Comfort Fit Walkers are a solid investment. For more info or to check out a pair for yourself, visit

Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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