Pearl iZUMi Canyon Shoes Review

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When it comes to outdoor adventures and hitting the mountain trails, having the right shoes can make all the difference. I recently got the chance to try out the Pearl iZUMi Men’s Canyon Shoes, which are designed especially for flat pedals. These shoes claim to be versatile, shifting effortlessly from trail rides to relaxing after your ride, while still offering good grip and durability for different terrains. In this review, I’ll be sharing my personal experience with these shoes, talking about what they offer, highlighting their pros and cons, and finally, letting you know whether they’re worth investing in.

Pearl iZUMi Canyon Shoes Color Options and Sizing

The Pearl iZUMi Men’s Canyon Shoes are available in two distinct color options: URBAN SAGE/BERM BROWN and URBAN SAGE/BLACK. I opted for the URBAN SAGE/BLACK version, which matched the Pearl iZUMi Shirt and Pants that I had. The sizing is measured in centimeters, and the brand’s website offers a helpful tool to determine the appropriate size. Based on my existing Altra Lone Peaks size (12.5), I ordered a size 47. Upon arrival, I found the shoes to be slightly larger than expected, prompting me to consider trying a smaller size for a better fit. Additionally, the package included two sets of laces in different colors, allowing for a personal touch to the overall look.

First Impressions of Pearl iZUMi Canyon Shoes

As a newcomer to mountain biking shoes, I was eager to experience the performance benefits they offer compared to traditional trail running shoes. On my initial ride with my son, the Pearl iZUMi Canyon Shoes proved to be a comfortable companion. The lace-up design, combined with a lace-keeper, ensured a secure and snug fit, without any discomfort or hotspots during the ride. Despite initial concerns about the size, my feet felt well-anchored within the shoes, providing a sense of stability.

Performance on the Trail

During the ride, the shoes had excellent grip and pedal engagement, thanks to the dual compound sole with soft and sticky rubber at the ball of the foot. The lugs on the toe and heel offered durability and confidence during hike-a-bike moments up steep hills. However, one notable drawback was the shoes’ breathability. While the ride was comfortable overall, I noticed restricted airflow, which became more apparent during faster downhill sections.

Road Riding Experience in the Pearl iZUMi Canyon Shoes

To test the versatility of the Pearl iZUMi Canyon Shoes, I embarked on a brisk 20-mile road ride. The grip on flat pedals remained impressive, and the stiffness of the shoes contributed to efficient power transfer from my legs to the pedals. Despite the positive aspects, the shoes’ lack of breathability became more evident during this ride, leading to discomfort due to trapped heat. Even at higher speeds, the cooling airflow was noticeably absent, making me wish for better ventilation.

Sweaty Feet After 20M Ride

Pearl iZUMi Canyon Shoes Pros and Cons


  • Secure lace-up design with lace-keeper for a precise fit
  • Excellent grip and pedal pin engagement on flat pedals
  • Durable construction and chevron lugs for hike-a-bike situations
  • Stiffness for efficient power transfer during rides
  • Versatile for both mountain biking and road cycling


  • Limited breathability, leading to overheating during rides
  • Sizing may run slightly larger than expected

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Canyon Shoes Features

  • Designed for use with flat pedals
  • Lightweight upper materials and minimal seams for all day comfort
  • Flat pedal design, not clipless compatible
  • Traditional lace closure for a precise fit and all day comfort
  • Lace lock provides a safe place to stash your laces to keep them free of your drivetrain
  • EVA midsole for excellent shock absorption for hard landings
  • Dual-density zonal outsole compounds deliver the perfect blend of exceptional grip, traction and durability
  • Open, chevron-shaped lugs in toe and heel areas provide long-lasting traction in all conditions
  • Smooth, ziped rubber in the pedal zone offers instant pedal pin engagement


The Pearl iZUMi Men’s Canyon Shoes offer a compelling option for mountain bikers seeking reliable and versatile footwear. With their focus on grip, durability, and power transfer, these shoes excel in various riding scenarios. However, the lack of breathability can be a significant drawback, especially during intense rides and warmer weather conditions. Overall, the Canyon Shoes provide a comfortable fit and better performance over running shoes, making them a solid choice for those in search of dependable mountain biking footwear.

The Pearl iZUMi Men’s Canyon Shoes are available in two color options: URBAN SAGE/BERM BROWN and URBAN SAGE/BLACK. Interested buyers can explore these options and find more information about the shoes on the official Pearl iZUMi website, or These shoes come with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $125.00, offering a reasonable value for the features and performance they provide.

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