Velocio Cycling Apparel Review

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“Italian made”, for me at least, always carries a certain kind of swagger. Lots of great bikes, riders, and products have come from there to instill this auro, and makes me want to cruise the rolling roads of the Italian countryside. Clean lines, form fitting, and top notch materials collide to provide for a good look with some superb functionality. I have a nice assortment of apparel and accessories from Velocio that I am excited to take for a spin, run, and snowshoe.

Velocio Thermal Leg Warmers

The leg warmers are a good addition to have if the temps do not quite warrant a full-on winter insulated bib approach. With a slight softer thermal quality, these are perfect to take away the chill for my early morning rides. I’m not one to take a lot of gear on or off during my ride, but these could easily stuff into the back pockets if it warms up significantly, or a lot of climbing has to be done.

The Velocio Thermal Leg Warmers have come in handy during the winter months as a double warmth layer. I would put on the Velocio Thermal Leg Warmers and place my warmest thermal bibs right over top to give me double coverage when the temps dropped below freezing. They are rather easy to put on as they have an obvious knee crease to help with identifying which side goes up front. That also really helps with the flexibility and comfort while on a ride. The bend or crease allows for fluid movement throughout the ride. Do make sure that the leg warmers are pulled up nice and high on the thigh, because I did have an instance where they started to slide down a little. That said, I would ask them to add some of those rubber grip lines on the top inside portion to alleviate any possibility of sliding.

Mens Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

This Velocio Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey right now is my most prized possession. The soft comfort and warmth made this a favorite for many of my Fall, Winter, and Spring rides. This piece is a light weight wool design. Even in Summer, I still had a use for this jersey. The weather changes on a dime in the high country, and when I leave for an early ride, the temperatures can be in the 30’s or 40’s. As I started climbing, I would warm up, but these had enough airflow to allow my body to dump some heat and sweat. As I would get higher, the temperatures would dip again. Hence, I was able to use this jersey as a multi-use tool. I highly recommend. The fit is also superb. Snug, but no too tight, and long enough so it wouldn’t creep up.

Plenty of storage options for gloves, head coverings, or arm/leg warmers to get stuffed away as needed. A nice zipper to store some valuables is a staple as well. A slightly larger zipper pull would have been nice to be able to access easier, but that’s minor.

The zipper stop is nice especially when I let my beard go for a bit. The insulated collar can be a really nice benefit. There was a time or two that I would warm up significantly as the pace increased, and I needed to adjust the airflow by loosening the zipper.

Velocio Merino 160 Base Layer

This is a super sweet base layer. It give me warmth and comfort not only while riding, but also when I ran, snowshoed, and skied. I’ve enjoyed the no-sleeve aspect of the base layer. Most of my base layers have long sleeves, which tend to bunch up as I put on cycling jackets. Those jackets are usually pretty narrow in the arms, so it becomes quite a tight fit. Plus, my arms are usually not what gets cold.  The sweat wicking capabilities worked well, especially during my high tempo group rides. Sweat and more sweat is on tap when they push the pace, and I battle for dear life to hang on. Merino is a high quality material, and has been a favorite of mine for a variety of outdoor gear options.

Velocio Men’s Signature Softshell Vest

The Velocio Men’s Signature Softshell Vest is a super saver to keep the core warm. It so happened that I got these when we got dumped on during a mountain trip, and biking (I really do need a fat bike) wasn’t on the table. Hence, a snowshoe run was the perfect vehicle to test this shell as I tackled a steady climb up to a Glacial Lake. Running, and especially snowshoe running, is a serious challenge, and is sure to raise the heartrate especially at 10,000 ft. as was the case here. The winds are brutal at times, and the vest helped keep the core from getting chilled while still releasing the sweat.

I like the front zipper pocket as it was big enough for my phone up front. Storage galore with the usual pocket pouches in the back.

The few reflection pieces provided a bit of visibility on my early dark rides especially these last few Fall and Winter months.

Velocio Zero Winter Glove

These were good for rides down to about 40 degrees. Any colder, and I needed something with more warmth. Super awesome gloves to have around. Three days a week I tackle pretty intense group rides, and they start early enough that some kind of warmer gear is required.  The trick is to plan just right to be able to endure a bit of heat as I always warm up pretty quick with the intensity. That said, at around two hours and 35-45 miles, I was able endure a bit of cold on the front end, and too hot on the back end.

I even stuffed them in my pack when I climbed a 14er, and I am glad I did. It was quite cold up there as we pushed to the summit. The insulated qualities came through like a champion. I appreciate these Velocio Zero Winter Gloves. Very versatile, and I will use them for a multitude of sports.

Final thoughts on the Velocio Collection

I have had great pleasure grabbing my Velocio gear in a variety of temperatures as I see some crazy swings in the mountains, and early mornings. I have several drawers full of all the extra accessory bike “stuff”. Somehow, the Velocio gloves, underlayer, vest, and jersey always seem to make it as part of my ensemble. Generally speaking, this product line has what I like to call, an “Italian fit”. It is streamlined, fits snug, and tucks away any extra layers you may be trying to shed. Hence, I feel really good wearing Velocio, because it looks good. Do keep sizing in mind when ordering though. The materials Velocio has used are of a higher quality. Time will tell how they endure. For more options and pricing please visit Velocio.

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.

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