Gotrax G5 Electric Scooter Review

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Introducing the Gotrax G5 electric scooter, a remarkable ride that has exceeded all expectations. After a month of testing, I can confidently say that the scooter excels in power, build quality, and performance. With its well-balanced design, spacious deck, and user-friendly display, the G5 offers a comfortable and convenient riding experience. Safety is a top priority, as evidenced by the adjustable headlight, taillight, and LED board lights, ensuring visibility during nighttime rides. What truly sets the G5 apart is its powerful 500-watt motor, providing unmatched acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities. Paired with a high-capacity battery, this scooter delivers impressive speed and an impressive range. The dual front and rear brakes, along with the front shock absorber and 10-inch pneumatic wheels, offer precise control and a smooth ride even on uneven surfaces. With its attention to detail, including LED ground effect lighting and an electronic lock system, the Gotrax G5 is a fantastic investment for riders seeking a thrilling and reliable electric scooter.

Gotrax G5 Electric Scooter Power

The Gotrax G5 electric scooter boasts a rear-wheel-mounted 500-watt motor, which represents a significant upgrade compared to the standard 350-watt motors commonly found in scooters within its price range. This enhanced motor power translates into remarkable acceleration and exceptional hill-climbing capabilities. The G5 scooter features a 48-volt 10.4 Ah battery, which complements its powerful motor and enables a top speed of up to 20 mph and a range of 25 to 35 miles on a single charge.

What sets the G5 apart is its versatility in riding modes. Riders have the flexibility to choose between three distinct modes: sport, drive, and walking. In sport mode, the scooter unleashes maximum acceleration and reaches a top speed of 20 mph, delivering an adrenaline-pumping experience. Drive mode offers a balanced combination of speed and control, with a top speed of 15 mph, suitable for urban commuting or leisurely rides. The walking mode, with a top speed of 2-3 mph, allows riders to comfortably maneuver in crowded areas or when walking alongside the scooter.

Controlling the G5’s speed is a breeze. By utilizing the throttle with your right thumb, you can easily adjust the speed to match your preference in any of the riding modes. Additionally, the scooter is equipped with a convenient cruise control feature. Once the throttle is held down for approximately 10 seconds, the G5 will maintain the current speed, allowing the rider to relax their hand and enjoy a steady ride.

Gotrax G5 Electric Scooter Braking

When it comes to braking, the Gotrax G5 electric scooter stands out with its dual front and rear brakes, a braking configuration commonly found in bicycles. This braking system sets the G5 apart from many other electric scooters on the market. The combination of the dual brakes and the electronic brake integrated into the motor ensures precise and controlled stopping power, enhancing the safety and control of the scooter. Furthermore, the G5 offers adjustable brake levers, allowing riders to customize and fine-tune the brakes to their liking, providing an added level of personalization and comfort. With its reliable and adjustable braking system, the G5 ensures a safe and confident riding experience.

Adjustable Brakes

Gotrax G5 Ride Electric Scooter Comfort

The Gotrax G5 electric scooter is thoughtfully designed to prioritize rider comfort and functionality. One of its standout features is the inclusion of a front shock absorber and 10-inch pneumatic wheels, which work in tandem to provide a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride. The front shock absorber effectively reduces the impact of uneven terrain, absorbing shocks and vibrations for enhanced stability. The 10-inch pneumatic wheels, equipped with air-filled tires, act as a cushioning system, further dampening the effects of bumps, cracks, and other road imperfections. This combination ensures a pleasant and comfortable commute, whether navigating through bumpy city streets or tackling rougher terrains.

In addition to its suspension system, the G5 features a spacious deck designed to accommodate adult-sized feet with ease. Measuring 7 inches wide by 18 inches long, the large deck provides ample room for riders to comfortably position their feet, promoting a relaxed and stable riding posture. This generous deck size not only enhances rider comfort but also contributes to improved balance and control, allowing riders to confidently maneuver the scooter with ease.

The G5 doesn’t compromise on durability and style, featuring a sturdy aluminum frame and a sleek plastic rear fender. The combination of these materials ensures the scooter’s longevity and structural integrity, even during frequent and rigorous use. Not only does the robust construction inspire confidence in the scooter’s reliability, but it also adds a modern and visually appealing touch to its overall design.

Gotrax G5 Electric Scooter Lights

The Gotrax G5 electric scooter shines when it comes to its attention to lighting, offering a range of features that prioritize both style and safety. In addition to the standard headlight and taillight, the G5 stands out with its LED ground effect lighting surrounding the bottom of the deck. This feature not only adds a cool aesthetic touch, giving the scooter a sleek and modern appearance during nighttime rides, but it also serves a practical purpose. The LED ground effect lighting significantly enhances visibility from the side, ensuring that other road users, such as cars and trucks, can easily spot the scooter in low light conditions. The scooter also boasts a bright, adjustable headlight, enabling riders to navigate safely in darker environments. Furthermore, the G5 is equipped with a tail light that brightens when brakes are applied, further enhancing visibility and safety. With its comprehensive LED lighting system, including the ground effect lighting, bright headlight, and responsive tail light, the G5 goes the extra mile in ensuring rider visibility and promoting a safer riding experience.

Gotrax G5 Assembly and Security

Gotrax designed the G5 electric scooter with a focus on user convenience and security. One notable feature is the electronic lock system, which adds an extra layer of protection. This system requires a three-digit code to power up the scooter, effectively preventing unauthorized usage. While it may not completely deter theft, it offers peace of mind knowing that the scooter is less likely to be operated by anyone without the code.

When it comes to assembly, the G5 keeps things simple and hassle-free. With minimal steps involved, users only need to connect one electric component, attach the handlebar, and tighten four bolts. This streamlined assembly process ensures that riders can quickly get up and running with their new scooter, without any unnecessary complications.

While the G5 weighs slightly more than its predecessor, tipping the scales at 44 lbs, it remains manageable for everyday usage. The additional weight can be attributed to the scooter’s enhanced features and durability. Despite the slight increase, the G5 remains lightweight enough to easily maneuver and transport, making it a practical choice for commuting or recreational rides.

Overall, the Gotrax G5 excels in its user-friendly design and security features. The electronic lock system provides an added level of protection against unauthorized usage, while the straightforward assembly process and manageable weight make it a convenient option for riders of all levels.

Gotrax G5 Electric Scooter Specs

  • MILES PER CHARGE – 25-35 miles
  • MAX SPEED – 20mph
  • MAX RIDER WEIGHT – 220lbs
  • MOTOR SIZE – 500W
  • BATTERY SIZE – 48V 9.6AH Lithium-ion Battery (460.8Wh)
  • TIRE SIZE – 10″
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT – 44lbs
  • DIMENSIONS – 45″ x 18.5″ x 48.9″
  • WARRANTY LENGTH – 1 Year Limited
  • FRAME MATERIAL – Aluminum alloy A6061 & Steel
  • COLOR(S) – Gunmetal Grey
  • INNER TUBES – 10″
  • BRAKES – (Front & Rear) Disc Brake + Electromagnetic Brake
  • SUSPENSION – Front Wheel Suspension system
  • DISPLAY – LED Digital
  • TAIL LIGHT – Reactive Tail Light
  • CHARGER – 54.6V 2A
  • CHARGE TIME – 6 Hours
  • KICK 2 START – Yes


In conclusion, the Gotrax G5 electric scooter exceeds expectations with its impressive power, durability, and overall performance. It stands out with its well-balanced design, spacious deck, and user-friendly display, offering a comfortable and convenient riding experience. Safety is a top priority, with adjustable headlights, taillights, and LED ground effect lighting that enhance visibility during nighttime rides. The G5’s powerful 500-watt motor and high-capacity battery deliver exceptional acceleration, hill-climbing capabilities, and an impressive range. The dual brakes, front shock absorber, and pneumatic wheels ensure precise control and a smooth ride on various terrains. The Gotrax G5 is a fantastic investment for riders seeking a thrilling and reliable electric scooter with LED lighting and an electronic lock system. For more info on the G5 and other Gotrax products, visit

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