Lander Cascade Wireless Charging Power Bank Review

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Mobile devices are more connected and more power hungry than ever before. Low battery warnings, undependably cables, painfully slow chargers and long wires can leave you feeling powerless. Lander is here to put the power back in your hands with two new Wireless Charging Power Banks. Near the end of this year, Lander released a 6,000 mAh Cascade Wireless Charging Power Bank and 10,000 mAh Cascade Wireless Charging Power Bank, these two devices expand the company’s existing power bank line with enhanced charging options that cover the spectrum of small electronic recharging needs of any outdoor adventurer.

The Lander Cascade Wireless Charging Power Bank delivers up to 18W of power via USB-C for ultra fast charging speeds and is QI wireless charge enabled for all wireless charging enabled devices and smartphones with or without a protective case. The Power Bank is optimized for both Apple and Android devices and the convenient phone securing band ensures proper placement for the quickest charges in the hand, in packs, bags, at home, or in a vehicle. Charging devices on the go and in any weather condition is never a worry, thanks to the waterproof and rugged design that defends against all of the outdoor elements.

Choosing the larger of the Cascade Wireless Charging Power Banks lets you get further off the grid and stay longer than ever before, as it is packed with a 10,000 mAh battery. Which holds enough juice to charge a large format smartphone just over 3 times. The USB and USB-C ports provide universal device charging compatibility when the electronic is not wireless charge enabled. The Power Banks also feature LED power indicators, so you’ll know how much charge is left at a glance.

Charge Times on the Lander Cascade Wireless Charging Power Bank

Wireless charging times can widely vary depending on the smartphone or device being charged. With a Samsung and an iPhone I tested, full charges were achieved in an hour to an hour and a half. These times can be cut to just under half that time using the 18W USB-C charging port – if the device being charged offers ultra fast charging.

When charging up the Power Bank itself, it can accept up to an 18W power delivery, meaning that if you were to use a wall adapter from a iPad Pro or a wall charger with similar wattage, the bank can be fully charged in just under 2 hours. Using an adapter with less wattage will obviously increase the charge time.

One of the nice features about this power bank is passthrough charging. As an example, at night you can plug in the bank and set your smartphone on top of it and the passthrough function will charge the phone to 100% then start charging itself, so both will be 100% by morning.

Charge any wireless enabled devices – not just smartphones, in addition wired charging can be used simultaneously to charge up to two additional devices.


  • Phone Securing Band – Allows you to conveniently store cables and phone to the body of the Power Bank
  • QI Wireless Charging
  • 10,000 mAh battery
  • IP65 Rated Waterproof and Dustproof
  • 18W PD Fast Charging Capacity – Only Through the USB-C Port
  • Passthrough Charging
  • Multi Device Charging
  • Rugged CMF – Made to withstand the elements
  • Dimensions [in.]: 5.74 x 3.25 x 0.93
  • Two-Year Warranty
  • MSRP $80

Final Thoughts

The Cascade Wireless Power Bank from Lander is an ideal portable wireless charging solution for adventurers, campers, ultra runners and travelers. Sporting a durable, compact, and dynamic design that’s both waterproof and dustproof, with the ability to charge multiple devices at once as well as ultra fast charging using the 18W USB-C port, the Cascade Wireless Power Bank will keep devices charged and ready to go anytime and anywhere. If you have devices that support wireless charging the Lander Cascade Wireless Charging Power Bank is a great option to have in your arsenal of outdoor equipment. However, if your devices don’t support wireless charging or you don’t mind dealing with unruly charging cables, then there are certainly more affordable options out there that don’t offer wireless charging. For more information on the Cascade Wireless Charging Power Bank and other Lander products, visit

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