Narwal Freo X Plus Review: Robot Vacuum and Mop

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The robotic vacuum cleaner market is a fiercely competitive arena, with numerous contenders vying for the top spot. In this crowded landscape, the Narwal Freo X Plus emerges as a standout performer, offering an enticing blend of affordability and efficiency. This robotic cleaning companion promises to deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience, particularly on smooth surfaces like hardwood floors and tiles.

A Sleek and Stylish Companion

At first glance, the Narwal Freo X Plus exudes a modern and sleek aesthetic, effortlessly blending into any contemporary living space. Its compact dimensions (35 x 35.5 x 1.7 cm) allow it to navigate even the tightest of spaces with ease, while its stylish design ensures it remains a visually appealing addition to any home.

Narwal Freo X Plus First Time Use

Setting up this robotic cleaning marvel is a breeze, requiring minimal effort. Simply connect it to your Wi-Fi network, perform any necessary firmware updates, and you’re ready to embark on a journey of effortless cleaning.

Unparalleled Suction Power on Smooth Surfaces

One of the standout features of the Narwal Freo X Plus is its remarkable suction power on smooth surfaces. Boasting an impressive 7,800 Pa of suction, this robotic vacuum cleaner effortlessly tackles dirt, debris, and even stubborn pet hair with unwavering efficiency.

Fits in and under just about everything

During our tests, we were impressed by its ability to capture a almost every spec of dust and dirt on tiles and hardwood floors. This exceptional performance is further complemented by the “Zero Tangle Brush,” a feature that ensures pet hair and long human strands remain untangled, preventing any potential clogging or performance issues.

Tangle Free Brush is only connected at one end allowing for tangle free performance

Precision Home Navigation

Navigation is a crucial aspect of any robot vacuum cleaner, and the Narwal Freo X Plus does not disappoint in this regard. Equipped with advanced sensors and mapping capabilities, this robotic cleaning companion effortlessly navigates through the home, skillfully maneuvering around obstacles and mapping out every nook and cranny.

Laser Sensor

During our testing, we were impressed by the Freo X Plus’s ability to recognize and map out multiple rooms, allowing for customized cleaning routines tailored to specific needs. Additionally, the robot vacuum cleaner can identify carpeted areas and automatically adjust its cleaning approach, ensuring optimal performance on different surface types.

The Narwal Freo App: A Personal Cleaning Assistant

The Narwal Freo X Plus is more than just a robotic vacuum cleaner; it’s a comprehensive cleaning solution that integrates seamlessly with the user-friendly Narwal Freo app. This app serves as a personal cleaning assistant, offering a wide range of customization options and detailed insights into the robot’s performance.

Through the app, you can effortlessly create schedules, adjust suction levels, and even set up virtual boundaries or no-go zones to protect cherished furniture and delicate areas. The app also provides detailed cleaning reports, allowing you to track the robot’s progress and ensure optimal performance.

Mopping Capabilities: Room for Improvement

While the Narwal Freo X Plus excels in vacuuming smooth surfaces, its mopping capabilities leave some room for improvement. Equipped with a mopping plate, the robot vacuum cleaner pushes a mop behind it, rather than utilizing a more advanced mopping system.

During our tests, we found that the Freo X Plus was capable of removing light spills and surface-level grime, but it struggled to tackle more stubborn stains or deeply ingrained dirt. Additionally, the process of cleaning and drying the mop after each use can be somewhat cumbersome, as the docking station lacks any self-cleaning capabilities found in higher-end models.

Carpet Cleaning: A Compromise for Affordability

One area where the Narwal Freo X Plus falls slightly short is in its performance on carpeted surfaces. While its suction power is impressive on smooth floors, the same cannot be said for carpets. Our tests revealed a small drop in efficiency, where it does not quite capture everything on one pass. This can be somewhat remedied by adjusting the suction power in the app to the Super Powerful setting.

It’s important to note that this compromise in carpet cleaning performance is likely a trade-off for the robot vacuum cleaner’s affordability. If you have a home with predominantly carpeted areas, you may want to consider investing in a more specialized model designed specifically for carpet cleaning.

Battery Life and Charging: Efficient and Convenient

The Narwal Freo X Plus boasts a very respectable battery life, allowing it to tackle even the largest of living spaces without the need for frequent recharging. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its docking station for a well-deserved recharge.

The charging process itself is straightforward and efficient, with the Freo X Plus taking approximately two hours to reach a full charge. During this time, the docking station also disinfects the dust bag, ensuring a fresh and hygienic experience for your next cleaning session.

Pricing and Value: An Affordable Luxury

One of the most compelling aspects of the Narwal Freo X Plus is its price point. At $400, this robotic cleaning companion offers an exceptional value proposition, especially when considering its impressive performance on smooth surfaces and user-friendly app integration.

Currently, Narwal has a discount count code “FXP30” that customers can take advantage to save $30, bringing the cost down into a very competitive range for a mop and vacuum combo. Amazon is also offering a clickable $30 coupon.

Narwal Comes with two Disposable Dirt Bags and a Reusable Container

Awesome Features of the Narwal Freo X Plus

  • Smart No-Go Zones – Set up no-go zones with ease to keep the robot from entering the wrong places.
  • Just Tell Freo X Plus What To Do – Tell the robot what to clean without lifting a finger, via intelligent voice command with Siri and Alexa.
  • Clean in Peace and Quiet – Enjoy peace and quiet with Freo X Plus at just 50dB, delivering spotless floors without disturbance.
  • Ultra-Large Battery for Extended Runtime – Cleans up to 254 minutes and goes right back to where it left off after a quick charge.
  • Fall Prevention Technology – Covers cleaning spots both horizontally and vertically to ensure deeper dust and hair is removed at every angle, even long pile carpets.
  • Equipped with Child Lock to Ensure Safety – Built-in child lock prevents pets and kids from accidentally starting cleanups.
Water Container at the Top and Dirt Bin at the Bottom
Mop Pad and Tangle Free Brush

Final Thoughts

In the ever-evolving world of robotic vacuum cleaners, the Narwal Freo X Plus stands out as a true gem, offering a unique blend of affordability and exceptional performance on smooth surfaces. With its impressive suction power, advanced navigation capabilities, and user-friendly app integration, this robotic cleaning companion is sure to leave your floors spotless and your wallet unscathed.

While it may not be the ultimate solution for carpeted areas or stubborn stains, the Narwal Freo X Plus is a solid choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient cleaning companion for their hardwood floors and tiles. For more info on the Freo X Plus or to check one out for yourself, visit or

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