Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her and Him

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts. While we’re certainly not above giving boxes of chocolate or heartfelt cards, we are inclined to raise the bar with gifts that will stick around long after February. From a heated camp chair to keep your loved one warm and cozy to a quad sensor outdoor watch that will stand the test of time, we’ve put together a collection of thoughtful and useful gifts to celebrate that special person in your life.

Groove Ring

Whether you’re Valentine’s Day takes you to the ocean or on an adventure in the mountains, bringing along your wedding ring puts it at risk for the possibility of damage. Salt water corrodes metal and dulls diamonds, so even a relaxing beach vacation could cause serious problems with a traditional wedding ring. And if you think damage to your ring is bad, get this – your ring could also put your finger at risk! If your metal band happens to snag on anything it could cause serious injury called “ring avulsion.” Don’t google that one… trust us. Which is why a Groove Ring makes the perfect gift to provide men and women with a safe, durable alternative to traditional metal rings. Let your ring break, not your finger. Groove Rings come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes and are even customizable. MSRP Varies

Floyd’s of Leadville

Give the gift of relaxation and recovery with a CBD product from Floyd’s of Leadville. In the sometimes confusing landscape of the booming CBD market, Floyd’s of Leadville stands out for their commitments to transparency, independent testing and offering the widest range of CBD products for people living an active lifestyle. For those that haven’t heard of CBD, it is an all-natural remedy that targets aches, pains, swelling, and so much more. So whether your Valentine is an veteran CBD user or just wants to try CBD to see if it fits well with their athletic recovery regime, Floyd’s of Leadville is a great place to start. Floyd’s offers CBD products in various forms, including gelcaps, gummies, balms, hydration and recovery drink mixes, tablets, and tinctures. Products are available in a variety of dosage options from 5mg to over 150mg of CBD per serving in both full-spectrum and isolate varieties. MSRP Varies

NEFT Vodka

Celebrating Valentine’s Day often involves having a drink or two with your loved one and if date night involves an adventurous outing than there is no easier way to do that than with an unbreakable and portable barrel of NEFT. NEFT is an ultra-premium spirit with a taste so smooth it’s changing the way people think about vodka. Using only two pristine ingredients that are naturally low in salts and ions – Artesian Alps spring water filtered for 50 years down to the Rhein River, where it is sourced, and Old-World ancient rye grains selected for their soft and mild flavor profiles – NEFT employs a minimalist approach to distillation designed to maintain the nuanced flavors of its ingredients, not strip them out. The result is a vodka with an unparalleled taste and pleasing viscous mouthfeel, so good, you’ll want to sip it neat. As the only Austrian rye-based premium vodka in the U.S., NEFT is pioneering an emerging category of elite sipping spirits, and with its unique, unbreakable and portable barrel packaging that can keep vodka chilled for up to 6 hours, NEFT is creating a whole new drinking experience, that will enable you and your valentine to enjoy a delicious beverage in unique places and off the grid spaces. MSRP $30

RTIC Water Repellent Pull Over Hoodie

A little cold won’t keep you and your Valentine away from those outdoor adventures, especially with layers like the RTIC Water Repellent Pull Over Hoodie. Built to be your layer of choice for staying warm and dry on long hikes or camp outings. This unisex style was created with a pullover fit and is double-lined with contrasting jersey for comfort, all the while supplying the perfect level of warmth and weather protection with a water-resistant finish. The RTIC Hoodie prioritizes both form and function so you can tackle the outdoors with confidence, whether it is chilly morning walks by the lake or a misty evening spent by the campfire. MSPR $59.99

Man Crates

From the Personalized Exotic Grand Bouquet to coffee kits and jerky crates, home brewing setups to knife making equipment, Man Crates offers unique and exciting gear and treat bundles that any guy will love. It is fun and easy to find distinctive and meaningful gifts for all the men in your life. If you want to make Valentine’s Day shopping for that special man in your life easy, look no further than Man Crates, with a huge selection of high-quality gifts for all kinds of guys, you can easily find the perfect gift, no matter who he is. MSRP Varies

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2

Delivering mind blowing audio quality within a small portable design, the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 is an ideal choice for adventurous outings, outdoor parties, and casual use around the house. This portable speaker syncs via Bluetooth with your favorite media player, laptop, or smartphone, ensuring wireless track control from the palm of your hand. The speaker itself is extremely light, tipping the scales at mere 420 grams making it easy to pack for outdoor adventures. It has an hang loop, a durable drop proof design, is waterproof and floats, which ensures protection from passing showers, pool parties mishaps and can easily go with you for a dip in the lake. Two 40 mm active drivers and two 46.1 mm x 65.2 mm passive radiators deliver a pleasurable 360 degree listening experience with precise highs and powerful deep bass. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 13 hours when you’re listening off the grid and with the new Outdoor Boost mode, you can crank louder, more powerful audio that’s specially tuned for listening outside. And for truly immersive sound, the WONDERBOOM 2 can pair with another WONDERBOOM 2 with the push of a button to amplify the listen experience. MSRP $99.99

Logitech MX Keys Mini

Part space saving, part secret weapon, all out on the go essential. The Logitech MX Keys Mini is a minimalist wireless backlit keyboard that lets you type where ever your work takes you. Connect it to smartphone, tablet, media device or computer and there’s no limit to where you can punch out a quick work email, take notes, finish up that media post and more. This sturdy Bluetooth keyboard features five rows of spherically-dished keys that match the shape of your fingertips and their round edges provide satisfying feedback and accurate typing. The MX Keys Mini is topped off by a sixth row of smarter function keys that gives you the power to send emojis, mute and unmute a mic, and activate talk to text. The proximity sensors detect your hands, illuminating the keyboard the moment your fingers approach, making this perfect for low and no light typing when your work takes you into the backcountry. The backlit keys automatically adjust to lighting conditions and turn off when you step away. Give your valentine the compact comfort of the Logitech MX Keys Mini portable backlit keyboard so they can finish up their work with ease, whether that is in their camp chair or at the kitchen table. MSRP $99.99

Beyond Guide Gloves and Leather Bee Balm

When your Valentine’s Day calls for a romantic walk in the fresh snow or a winter escapade, be sure you each have a pair of the Beyond Guide Gloves to keep your hands warm and the adventure going. Workwear inspired gloves are all the rage in skiing and snowboarding these days, and for good reason, they are durable, easily waterproofed, and stylish. The Beyond Guide Gloves fit all of these characteristics and adds more winter-specific ones with its durable French leather outer, warm and lightweight PrimaLoft insulation and wool-blend lining that protect against cold, and hook and loop closure to help seal in the warmth. Toss in pre-curved fingers with e-tips at the index and thumb to retain dexterity and ease of access, knuckle guards, and suede nose wipes and you have a cold weather adventure glove you can turn to day after day. MSRP $135

On the note of easily waterproofed…be sure to grab a tin of the Beyond Bee Balm to waterproof your Guide Gloves and keep them lasting for years to come. The beeswax blend is made with natural softening oils that include eucalyptus, avocado, lavender, and vitamin E all of which works to nourish, rejuvenate, protect, and waterproof the leather. MSRP $19.99

Victorinox Wine Master

Valentine’s Day wine deserves a tool that was crafted with mastery. The appealing feature of the Victorinox Wine Master is its extra-long corkscrew. With five coils that helps prevent cork breakage and riveted firmly in place, it is ably assisted in its main task by the equally innovative combination tool. This can be used as a bottle opener, but above all as a double lever for uncorking. It’s a familiar technique that’s encapsulated in the design of classic sommeliers’ tools. Once the screw has been twisted into place, the first lever is placed onto the neck of the bottle. The pressure applied at this stage loosens the cork and starts coaxing it out just a little. The second lever is then used to smoothly and effortlessly extract the cork entirely from the neck of the bottle. To preserve the sharpness of the main blade – which, after all, still needs to cut the baguette, cheese and assorted hors d’oeuvres – the Wine Master is also equipped with a short and curved, wavy-edged blade for cutting and removing the foil on the cork. Together, these three provide the perfect prelude to the main joy of savoring that Valentine’s Day wine. MSRP $179.99

Gobi Heat Terrain Heated Camping Chair

Plenty of camping chairs offer features to keep you comfortable, but few can keep you warm when it is cold. The Terrain Heated Camping Chair from Gobi Heat features two heat zones made up of conductive-thread technology sewn into a durable 600/300 Denier Polyester located in the seat and lower back of the chair with three adjustable heat settings, low (113°F), medium (122°F), and high (131°F), that allows you to set your ideal temperature. It’s the perfect way to stay warm at your campsite or at a cold backyard gathering and has an ultra-durable steel frame with a comfortably padded back and arms for hours of warm easy lounging. The heater is powered by Gobi’s efficient 7.4V 6,500 rechargeable lithium polymer battery, so you can enjoy the heat for up to 9 hours on low, 6 hours on medium, and 4.5 hours on high and is also versatile enough to charge a phone and other gadgets thanks to the built in USB port. Ideal for an outdoor Valentine’s Day dinner or a night around the campfire, the Gobi Heat Terrain Heated Camping Chair totes easily with it’s included carrying bag, ensuring that anywhere you go can be turned into a warm paradise. MSRP $199

Outdoor Vitals NovaUL Jacket

If that Valentine’s Day outing calls for potentially chilly temps, pick up a his and hers Outdoor Vitals NovaUL Jacket that is packable, lightweight, and warm. The NovaUL jacket features a regular fit that can be worn alone or layered with a shell should the weather turn nasty. The DownLT insulation, which combines mostly 850 Fill Power HyperDry down with a small percentage of synthetic LoftTek delivers easy packing warmth that you can pull out and put on at a moments notice when the temperatures drop as you near the mountain peak. This innovative puffy utilizes Nova Zero Stitch Fabric, which is neither bonded nor stitched, but literally woven into place. The D-tube baffle design gives the NovaUL a classic puffy jacket look while eliminating the chance for stitches to wear out or snag on things as you brush by. The hood and high neckline protects the head, neck, and face from the cold, and zippered hand pockets warm the hands or carry any essentials along for the adventure. The Outdoor Vitals NovaUL Jacket is the one you and your valentine will want in your kit when you head out on those crisp, cold morning escapades. MSRP $209.97

Casio Pro Trek PRT B70T Watch

For those looking for a timepiece that’s at home in the outdoors as it is in the office, look no further than the Casio Pro Trek PRT B70T Watch. While the PRT B70T series is a fisherman focused watch, it is packed full of features any outdoorsman will appreciate. Equipped with Fish In Time alarms that indicate best fishing times on the display for a selected location and date and also includes fishing probability. The digital display can show tide information, moon age, and sunrise/sunset times for a selected location and date, which helps you get an idea of your expected catch during a specific time. The PRT B70T has a quad sensor that allows you to use and take compass, altitude/barometer, and temperature measurement readings, along with an accelerometer that keeps track of your step count. If you are spending time outside after dark, there is no need to fret, the watch is equipped with Casio’s Super Illuminator LED making it extremely easy to view after dark. Connect this watch to your smartphone via the Pro Trek Connected app for even more functionality and to simplify certain watch operations by letting you perform them on your phone screen. Once connected, the watch will automatically adjust to the local time and you will gain access to Fishing Point Setting, which allows you to access fishing times, tide info, moon data, and sunrise/sunset times for up to 3,300 ports around the world. Within the app, the Fish Memo allows you to record your current location, time, date, and conditions to share your secret spot with friends, should you be so inclined. The app activity log also uses your altitude measurement and step count to calculate and record calories burned. The Casio Pro Trek PRT B70T Watch is sleek enough and applicable for everyday life, while it’s quad sensor and connection to the Pro Trek Connected app is advanced enough to aid us when exploring through the backcountry. An essential tool for fisherman, a fun tool for everyone else. MSRP $350

Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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