Bubba Blade Fishing Net Review

If you are a fisherman you probably have heard about the company Bubba Blade. Bubba Blade designs the go-to knives when you are ready to carve up your catch. Recently, Bubba Blade upped the chances of using their cutlery even higher by producing a boat net that will help land your trophy. These nets are not your standard fishing net. Like all Bubba Blade products they are burly products made to handle abuse of the outdoors. Early summer in Colorado means some of the best fishing of the year, and having a capable net is critical. It has been fun testing out the new Bubba Blade Fishing Net while fishing during that prime time in Colorado.

About the Bubba Blade Fishing Net

The Bubba Blade Fishing Net is a heavy duty fishing net capable of securing most game fish. These nets come in three different size options: small, medium, and large. The small net has a 4 foot net with a 16” wide opening, the medium is a 5.5 foot net with a 20” opening, and the large is a 6 foot net with a 24” opening.

Anatomy of the Bubba Blade Fishing Net

The long handle of the Bubba Blade Fishing Net is carbon fiber with an over sized grip. The materials not only aide in construction and durability they also allow the net to float. The opening of the net is built from an aluminum frame.

Carbon Fiber Handle

Rubber Handle

Connecting the handle to the aluminum frame is a die-cast aluminum yoke. The mesh net itself, is PVC coated nylon which is designed to be easier on the fish as well as easier for untangling fishing lures.

Aluminum Yoke

Urethane Coated Mesh Netting

Field Testing the Bubba Blade Fishing Net

This net has definitely earned the name of Bubba! I have been using the medium net on the waters around Northern Colorado and I can say it will handle most any fish lurking around here. There are not too many in fish in Colorado that will not fit in a 24” net.

Everyone of the Bubba Blade Fishing Nets are made for netting big fish. With the long handle and the large opening reaching out, netting the fish is easy. Often fish are lost while netting due to trouble getting the fish in head first. With the large opening it makes it very easy to scoop up the fish. In my first fishing trip with this net we had anglers of all abilities fishing with us. Throughout this fishing trip we were able to land every fish that made it to the boat.

The long handle also makes reaching fish easy. Especially when fishing from a boat, having the extra distance is important.  This net also has an over sized grip that works well even when wet.

Releasing Fish

The PVC coated nylon did a great job of keeping the fish healthy. Having a net of this size made it easy to revive the fish. I could keep the net along side the boat until the fish was ready to swim off. This made the release super easy.

Nice Fish!

Recently Netted Rainbow Trout

Even though the nylon mesh was covered in the Polyurethane it still was a bit of a chore getting out tangled fishing line. This is especially true after netting a fish. I think this is the case due to the thin mesh used. Thin meshing can cause problems when fly fishing using two flies at once as they have a tendency to get wrapped up easily. This issue was not as apparent when fishing with lures as the single lure does not tangle as easily.

The Bubba Blade fishing net is really a two handed net. It takes a considerable amount of strength to hold out this net with one hand. Maybe I need to hit the gym a bit more, but it is a bit of a challenge when trying to net your own fish. This net really shines when you have an additional angler on the boat who is willing to lend a hand. With two hands netting a fish is a cinch.  

Landing a Nice Fish

Specs on the Bubba Blade Fishing Net Taken Directly From the Bubba Blade Website

  • MSRP $159
  • 75-LB. Weight Rated
  • Light Weight Design
  • Reinforced Aerospace Aluminum Yoke
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Carbon Fiber Handle
  • Iconic non slip handle
  • Designed to fit most rod holders

Final Thoughts on the Bubba Blade Fishing Net

If you are in search of a rock solid boat net then look no further than the Bubba Blade Fishing Net. This net is made to withstand many years of fishing. With a carbon fiber handle, polyurethane coated meshing, and grippy handle this net will be able to handle whatever fish you bring to the boat.

For more information on the Bubba Blade Fishing Net, visit bubba.com

Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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