Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown Boot Review

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Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown

Blundstone, out of Tasmania, Australia has been making Classic and Lifestyle footwear since 1870. The Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown definitely have that rugged outdoor feel to them. However, these also carry an air of elegance that will make you feel confident and stylish going to your favorite Downtown steakhouse.

Blundstone is known for their elastic sided slip-on boot. Although my Rustic Brown is a lace up, it does feature this signature elastic siding for ease of movement and comfort.

A casual good looking shoe that goes really well with Jeans (rolled up or not)

Initial Thoughts on the Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown

In architecture, form vs. function is a much discussed debate, and determining which is more important. In shoes, quality, comfort, and style are equally valuable in how it’s classified and ranked. Which one is more important? I suppose it depends on the intended purpose, function, and individual wearer’s personality.

How about you split each into thirds, and give them equal value? That’s how I view the Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown. Numerous features that provide for a good quality shoe. A nice relaxed fit for great comfort. And lastly, stylish enough to wear for a wide variety of occasions. In essence, a very versatile shoe that delivers equally on all fronts.


Let’s talk about the quality of the Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown. This shoe sports a premium elastic with double stitching for extra strength and reinforcement. This classic stitch down style provides durability and a clean look. The pull loop at the Achilles heel adds a small but critical feature to quickly and easily aid in putting your shoes on or taking them off. The sole is super durable and slip resistant great for inclement weather and slippery surfaces.


I have tended to show some hesitancy when it comes to ankle height boots. I usually shy away from mid or ankle height boots or shoes. Right out of the box, the Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown shoes were crisp and a little bit stiff.  Initially, I had concerns about the comfort around the ankle. After, one day of wearing them, the leather became supple and conformed nicely to my foot and ankle. I wore them for hours without issues, and the fitted comfort foot bed provided great relief. I was on my feet for hours waiting for and enjoying a Downtown Christmas parade.


My wife’s Christmas party went off without a hitch. I got several compliments as people noticed the stylish aspect, and how well it went with my winter attire (a 3 day old beard, wool sweater, and designer jeans). The perfect setting, in my opinion, was a late fall bonfire with friends. The shoe simply felt at home in this setting. We had some really seasonable warm November and Winter days, so I wore them with shorts on numerous occasions.

Slightly textured slip resistant sole.

Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown Technical Specifications

They are surprisingly comfortable, and I’ve been on my feet for many hours at a time. The heel strike zone does have a shock protection element. It’s Blundstone’s SPS MAX comfort system comprised with PORON. PORON is an impact absorption material that basically distributes a lot of the energy evenly throughout the entire foot and sole.  An antibacterial agent is infused into the sole that fights against the growth of bacteria, and eliminates odors. In addition, air permeable cells are continuously compressing and flexing to allow for air movement to keep your feet cool and odor free. Nice!

  • Premium elastic with double stitching for extra reinforcement
  • Reinforced pull loop
  • Classic stitch down style
  • Full length comfort footbed
  • Crepe sole

A great option even with shorts.

Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown Final thoughts

A clean stylish look sets the stage for a very comfortable as well as durable shoe. The Blundstone 268 Rustic Brown meets all my criteria in the quality, comfort, and style debate. A very versatile shoe that I have worn in many occasions be it going out to dinner, running around with the kids, or attending a business meeting. This is definitely a shoe I’ll be wearing for many years to come as I suspect it will be able to go the distance due to it’s quality construction. Take a look at their website because of the wide rang of available options. For more information and purchase please visit

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.
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