Danner Logger Moc 917 GTX Boot Review

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Danner Logger Moc 917 GTX

In the Rocky Mountains, where autumn’s warm days give way to slushy mud, the new Danner Logger Moc 917 GTX Boots step up to the challenge. These boots are not just footwear. They are a combination of rugged durability and timeless style, seamlessly blending modern design with the classic Danner heritage.

Danner is well known for top-quality footwear, and I’ve had the privilege of reviewing several of their products, including the Trail 2650, Mountain Overlook, and the Trailcomber, all of which impressed me with their exceptional performance. Danner is known for its robust designs and uncompromising quality. Their products carry the character of the Cascade Mountains, built for the high peaks, dense forests, and deep canyons. At the core of their design is the distinctive use of high-quality leather, a hallmark of Danner’s craftsmanship.

The Logger Moc 917 GTX’s versatility is geared for every season. With a blend of workwear and urban design elements, these boots are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of slushy streets and puddle-filled paths throughout fall, winter, and spring. The Logger Moc GTX Boot is a versatile choice, equally suited for mountain adventures, urban exploration, and everything in between. As is typical with Danner footwear, it’s built to withstand rugged use while maintaining a design that’s suitable for casual occasions.

About the Danner Moc GTX

The Logger Moc GTX features an upper portion crafted from Nubuck leather, one of my favorite footwear materials. Nubuck leather offers a brushed appearance, combining a soft and pliable texture with thickness and durability. It’s worth noting that Nubuck leather tends to require a shorter break-in period compared to other boot materials, and I’ve experienced no material issues with it. This boot falls into the mid-height category, capable of keeping your socks dry in 3-5 inches of snow.

The Logger Moc GTX utilizes stitch-down construction, with the leather wrapped over the top and stitched facing down on the outside of the boot. This method effectively prevents water, slush, or snow from seeping into the shoe. Below, the sole is attached to the upper through cup stitch construction, providing ample room in the boot and ensuring comfort.

Stitch Down and Gore-Tex Construction

Beneath the leather, a layer of Gore-Tex further enhances the boot’s functionality. Gore-Tex not only keeps your feet dry from external moisture but also allows internal moisture to escape, keeping your feet comfortable. The combination of leather and Gore-Tex makes this boot an excellent choice in terms of construction.

The lacing system includes eye holes on the lower portion and hooks at the top, offering multiple lacing points for a secure fit. Additionally, the shoebox contains two sets of laces for your preference.


The Soles

Beneath the Nubuck Leather upper, you’ll find the footbed, midsole, and outsole. The removable footbed is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a three-layer construction with varying density materials for maximum comfort. Its open-celled foam design allows for heat and moisture dissipation. Below the footbed, the midsole, crafted by Vibram, features a durable rubber EVA construction. This EVA material provides a soft and cushiony feel while maintaining superior durability compared to traditional EVA midsoles, ensuring a longer lifespan. The outsole of the Logger Moc GTX is made from the Vibram 917, which offers exceptional traction on various surfaces, with a particular strength in wet and slippery conditions.

Vibram Outsole

Testing the Danner Logger Moc GTX

My primary intention for the Danner Logger Moc 917 GTX hiking boots was to have reliable protection for navigating the slushy, wet days of fall, winter, and spring. There’s nothing more frustrating than starting your workday with wet, cold feet. I hoped that the combination of high-quality materials and Danner’s renowned craftsmanship would put an end to that annoyance. True to Danner’s reputation and my previous experience, my expectations were exceeded. Not only did these boots keep my socks dry, but they turned out to be so comfortable that I found myself wearing them far more often than I had initially anticipated.

The Logger Moc 917 Got Noticed

The moment I stepped out of my car during a fall weekend getaway to Breckenridge, Colorado, it was evident that these boots were special. I received compliments and numerous requests to see these boots, a rarity in my typical footwear choices. From this initial positive reception, my experience with the Danner Logger Moc 917 GTX only improved. Over the weekend, we hiked trails and explored the charming downtown area, and the boots performed flawlessly. They were so comfortable that I didn’t even bother switching into slippers when we returned home.

No Slippers Necessary

For me, the comfort these boots provide is among the best I’ve ever experienced. They have become my go-to for most fall outings, even when the weather conditions don’t necessarily call for waterproof footwear. Furthermore, I’ve spent several full days on my feet in these boots, and as a teacher who is constantly standing, I can confidently say that they rival my most broken-in sneakers in terms of all-day comfort.

Close Up

Hiking Around Town

The Construction

I truly believe that the combination of GORE-Tex and Nubuck leather is the perfect match. The Nubuck leather is incredibly soft, eliminating the need for any significant break-in period. Paired with the moisture barrier of GORE-Tex, these boots deliver comfort even during strenuous activity, preventing sweaty feet and keeping external moisture at bay, ensuring dry socks.

Logger Moc In the Snow

While I’ve worn these boots in a variety of conditions, they truly shine in wet and soggy environments. They offer warmth and excellent protection from snow and water. Throughout the frequent fall snows this year, the Logger Moc GTX boots never let me down, making them a reliable choice for the snowiest of conditions around town. As a bonus, they look great as well.

Small Gripe

If I were to nitpick, my only small gripe would be that the lacing system could be more user-friendly. The lace hooks on the upper section of the boot can be a bit finicky, with a narrow opening that’s easy to miss and laces that tend to slip out. Once you’ve successfully laced them up, the laces stay put, but it might take a few attempts to get it right. 

Logger Moc GTX 917 Lacing

Specification on the Danner Logger Moc 917 GTX Boot Taken Directly From Danner

  • Weight 35 oz per pair
  • Closure Lace-Up
  • Height 6″
  • Insulation Non-Insulated
  • Color Charcoal or Bone Brown
  • Footbed OrthoLite
  • Shank TPU
  • Lining Waterproof
  • Liner GORE-TEX
  • Outsole Vibram® 917
  • Recraftable Yes
  • Country of Origin Vietnam
  • Manufacturing Imported

Final Thoughts

The Danner Logger Moc 917 GTX Boots combine functionality with a stylish design. Crafted with Nubuck leather and Gore-Tex, they offer both comfort and excellent protection against the elements. Whether you’re facing wet, slushy days or enjoying clear, bluebird skies, these boots are sure to become your go-to footwear choice. They definitely deserve a spot on everyone’s shortlist for this upcoming fall and holiday season. For more info or to check them out for yourself, visit www.rei.com, www.backcountry.com, or www.amazon.com.

Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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