Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoe Review

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Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoe

Wow! What a crazy Spring it has been. With all of the madness surrounding COVID-19 it is definitely important to get outdoors for one’s mental sanity. For me hiking is one of the close to home activities that I have been allowed to do here in Northern Colorado. Throughout all the periods of lock down and safe distancing, I have had the chance to put in many miles on the new Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes.  

With roots in logging industry, Danner has been producing footwear for outdoor adventure for nearly a decade. In 1934 Charles Danner started producing footwear for lumberjacks in Portland Oregon. Today, Danner has expanded its lineup of boots to include workwear, hiking boots, hunting boots, and military use. Although there have been changes in the product line, Danner has kept its commitment to producing high quality footwear that is made to be worn day in and day out.  

Over the last few weeks I have had the chance to try out the all new Danner Trailcomber hiking shoes. During these weeks, these shoes have accompanied me on all my favorite social distancing activities such as hiking, fishing, and just walking around the neighborhood.   

Initial Thoughts on the Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoe

Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoe

The Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes look quite similar in appearance to the Danner Trail 2650 that I did a review of last year. For those who read that review, I really enjoyed this product from Danner and therefore I was pretty excited about the Trailcomber shoes. The Danner Trail 2650 review review can be found here.

The new Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes are super light-weight hikers that weigh in around 19 ounces per pair. Working our way from the bottom of the shoe up is the the outsole of the shoe. The Trailcomber hiking shoe uses Vibram Trailcomber Outsole which is ultra lightweight. This outsole is made for both traction on wet and dry surfaces.  

Trailcomber Vibram Sole

The midsole consists of a quick drying layer that when wet will dry easily. On top of this is an OrthoLite footbed. The OrthoLite Footbed is created from open cell foam that allows for air circulation around the foot.  

The upper portion of the Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoe is made from woven Cordura Fabric. Cordura is abrasion resistance and highly breathable.  

Top of Shoe

All the features add up to a lightweight pair of hiking shoes that are and made for warm weather adventures.  

Testing the Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes

The Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes were definitely fun shoes to try out this spring. Throughout the few months of wearing them I found them to increase in comfort over time. This is not to say that they were uncomfortable at first, but throughout my time wearing them they have really become my go-to shoe for all occasions.  

Initially, I would say that the Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes had a snug fit. I normally find a mens 10.5 sized shoe perfect and these were a bit snug. Within a week or two of wearing them the “snugness” went away and I was left with perfect fitting hiking shoes. It must be that the Corudra fabric gives a little bit over time conforming to the foot. These shoes have become my favorite for hikes, strolls in the neighborhood, working in the garden, and really all my favorite social distancing activities. 

Front of Hiking Shoe

Back of Trailcomber Shoe

Spring time in Steamboat Springs and in many mountain towns is known as Mud Season. This is because when the snow melts the ground is mostly mud. My first hikes, a couple months ago, definitely consisted of mud, snow, and rocks. This varied terrain gave a good indication of the performance of the Vibram Trailcomber Outsole. These shoes did a nice job of handling varying amounts of traction. Although traction was never an issue, these shoes are really more of warm weather hikers as they are not waterproof and they are low profile. This was very apparent when crossing snow fields and deep soft mud.   

This Shoe Shines In the Warmth

Later in spring when the trails had dried out and most of the snow had melted is when the Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes really shined. These are one of the lightest pairs of hiking shoes I have owned, making them really pleasant to hike in. The longer the hike the more noticeable wearing light shoes becomes. Additionally, when wearing the Trailcomber shoes with light socks they are super breathable. The last couple of days have been our warmest and the breathability factor was a major bonus. The Cordura weave fabric, although not great at holding out moisture like snow, is fantastic for keeping my feet cool when hot.  

Hiking in the Trailcombers

Overall I would say the Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes are the perfect shoe for about 80% of my hikes. Where these shoes are not the best option is wet, cold, and very steep terrain. In these situations I would want more of a hiking boot than a hiking shoe. More support as well as being waterproof would definitely make sense. However, when sticking to mostly dry trails the Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes are a perfect option.  

Specs on the Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes

  • MSRP $140
  • Style 63350
  • Weight 19 oz per pair
  • Height 3”
  • Insulation None
  • Footbed OrthoLite
  • Shank Nylon
  • Heel to Toe Drop 4mm
  • Outsole Vibram Trailcomber
  • Manufacturing Imported

Final Thoughts on the Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes

The Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes are suited for on trail hiking in warm dry weather. In these conditions, I would be hard pressed to find a more comfortable shoe to hike in. The Vribram Trailcomber outsole provides the necessary traction to keep my feet firmly planted to the ground while the Cordura fabric keeps my feet cool in during hot temperatures. For summer time hiking take a look at the new Danner Trailcomber Hiking Shoes. For more information on the Trailcomber and other Danner footwear, visit www.rei.com/danner or www.amazon.com/danner.

Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.

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  • Hi, would you recommend the Trailcomber over the Trail 2650 then? It seems they would be used for the same conditions. Since you said you have both, have you stopped using the Trail 2650?

  • Patrick, great question. These are similar shoes. If I was hiking in warm weather mostly, few muddy spots etc., I would go the Trailcomber. If I was looking for slightly more versatility then I would opt for the Trail 2650. Either shoe would be great choice for summer hiking.

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