Outdoorsy Shoes Men can Wear at Work


As the styles of what you can wear to work continues to evolve, so have products outdoor companies are making for dressier occasions.  While there are plenty of workplaces that allow you to wear jeans, casual shirts, and running shoes to work, there are still plenty of work environments that require or suggest a dressier style of clothing.

Outdoor companies have always made shoes that are similar to dress shoes, but recently they’ve been upping their game to not only get into your outdoor closet, but also into your dress clothes closet.  Below are a few styles we tested out wearing in a professional work environment to see how they fared among co-workers, bosses, and most important, what our significant others thought…

Keen Portsmith II – $120


The Keen Portsmith II is a good blend between a casual and dress shoe. This shoe has the signature Keen wide toe box look with an oversized rubber toe cover. For winter time when you’re trekking through snow and slush, this helps keep the Keen Portsmith II from getting beaten up by the elements. This is also good for dirt and puddles outside of winter.


As for comfort, the Portsmith II is comfortable, but as someone who has a normal foot width, I find the shoe feels boxy at times. In addition to the boxy fit, I have also found the shoe to pinch near the top of the tongue from time to time. For more information visit keenfootwear.com

Chaco Pedshed $120


The Chaco Pedshed is an iteration of a mock that Chaco came up with years ago.  This mock had no backing to it, but it was one of the most comfortable mocks/shoes I’ve worn.  Add a back and you get the Chaco Pedshed. One of the main benefits to this shoe is that it comes with the famous Chaco Footbed which gives great supports for the bottom of your foot.


The Chaco Pedshed has more of a casual look which is great for casual outings, but not all employers will accept this as a dress shoe. While the footbed of this shoe rocks, it doesn’t great that much which can cause sweaty feet among some people.

ECCO Track II Low $220


When it comes to dress and casual shoes, ECCO is no stranger. They’ve been making dress shoes, casual shoes, and outdoor shoes for decades now. That ECCO Track II has the aggressive outsole of a hiking shoe and a leather upper of a casual or dress shoe.  In addition to the aggressive outsole, the ECCO Track II is waterproof, helping keep your feet dry in winter conditions.  While this shoe has a number of outdoor features, the style of the Track II is worthy of most work environments.


For a dress shoe, the ECCO Track II is a little more spendy than a lot of other casual and dress shoes on the market. The leather on this shoe tends to get a little beat up with scratches on the front compared to others shoes tested.

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