Oofos Footwear Review

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Oofos footwear.

Feel the “oo,” indeed. A tag that arrived along with the Oofos footwear I received exhorted me to do just that. Except I didn’t see the tag until I’d already slipped my feet into these uber-comfortable slips and already uttered my first “oo.” Really.

Yes, I actually said “oo.”

The clogs and sandals engineered by Oofos take low-key, feel-good footwear to a different plane. Anatomically correct footbeds and luxuriously attentive sole padding make other shoes feel primitive. Sure, one wouldn’t do much more than stroll around in Oofos, but for that and other relaxed undertakings, Oofos slips are unrivaled in comfort.

My Oofos OOriginal sandals arrived in melon color.

Designed as “recovery” footwear for post-activity lounging, I highly recommend Oofos as an easy way to help your body recuperate after logging miles, reps or rounds in training.

Oofos Footwear Technology

Three types of Oofos footwear have been in testing at my household: two women’s sandal-style slips and one clog that my husband has been wearing (constantly). The shoes are all made of unibody foam, molded into their distinct shapes and sizes.

My husband has, at times, refused to remove his feet from the Oofos OOclogs he received in plum.

All three share the brand’s proprietary OOfoam technology, which is engineered to do three things. First: great impact absorption. Here Oofos has succeeded with flying colors. The deep soles offer a cloud-like ride. In Oofos footwear, you’re walking on sunshine. Going from my Oofos, which I wear in the house like they’re second skin, to my “outside” shoes makes those other shoes’ soles feel like they’re made of cardboard made to torture ones feet.

A detail shot of the Oofoam that provides oo-mazing comfort.

Two: Oofos’ OOfoam is meant to offer extraordinary arch support. On a standard 4.0 scale, Oofos’ GPA is somewhere in the 500 range on this count. Tired post-workout arches can definitely be an issue for me after a few miles on the road or a sinew-searing leg workout. It’s become habit to slip on my Oofos immediately after returning from activity to give my hooves relief. How did I get by before I had these?

Feel the “oo.” Love the “oo.”

Three: The Oofos OOfoam is designed for “insane” comfort. Lacking a quantitative basis for testing the insanity of shoe comfort, I defer to a dictionary definition for “insanity” as a means to test this claim qualitatively. According to a small assemblage of references on my desk, one fair definition of insanity pegs it as synonymous with “excessive irrationality.” Qualitatively, then, my Oofos experience does seem to have engendered insanity since I am unapologetically, irrationally, exceedingly in love with the comfort of these shoes.

Oofos Footwear Styles

I’ve been wearing two styles of Oofos kicks. The first is the Oofos OOriginal. The OOriginal is a thong-type shoe whose aesthetic undertone is vaguely Asian, disclosing the shoes’ Korean place of birth.

The styling of the OOriginal sandals is unique, vaguely Asian, and supremely colorful.

The color is a melon hue that looks like it could be radioactive: insane comfort; insane color. Although, after wearing these slips around, the color has become something of a favorite because of its cheery brightness. And it’s a perfect summertime hue: watermelon, anyone?

The high-end OOlala sandals scream for summer slacking.

I’ve also been sporting the high-end Oofos OOlala in a dual-tone steel/cosmic pink setup. To my eye, the cosmic pink is a shimmering purple, but an Oofos by any name still feels just as sweet. The color combo works well. It’s a great palette for spring and summer: Easter, the Derby, poolside, etc. The lines of the OOlala slips are simple, refined and elegant.

In both pairs, my feet remain comfortable and ventilated. Recuperation really couldn’t look or feel any better.

My husband has been jealously guarding his Oofos OOclogs, which came in a plum color. On first glance, I thought he’d be reluctant to scoot around in something so pastel-y. He hasn’t seemed to care about the color one bit. Comfort insanity seems to have gripped him as well.

The OOclogs are reminiscent of Dutch klompen. Ventilation above the footbed provides some relief for sweaty digits, but my husband did mention a propensity for his feet to sweat in these clogs.

The clogs are a traditional shape that evokes wooden Dutch klompen. Of course, there’s no stiffness in the OOclogs, which set a standard for closed-toe repose.

My husband has mentioned, however, that his feet are prone to sweating in the clogs. Although there are vents above the foot bed for breathing, evidently things can get stuffy. I note that this observation has not stopped him from wearing the Oofos virtually all the time.

Who Oofos Footwear Is For

Everybody. These shoes couldn’t find a bad fit if they had a map. Because of what I perceive to be great durability in the shoes, I hope to wear the sandals I have for a long time to come. Should they wear out, however, I will be ordering more.

I recognize the Oofos shoes are positioned as recovery footwear, particularly for athletes. However, it seems unlikely there’s anyone who couldn’t benefit from the oo-mazing comfort of Oofos. Even if I were seated all day, these shoes would find a way to offer welcome respite. They’re recommended across the board.


Sizing runs true for both men’s and women’s styles.

Oofos OOriginal MSRP: $39.95.

Oofos OOlala MSRP: $59.95

Oofos OOClog MSRP: $49.95.

For more information, visit www.amazon.com/oofos.

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