Salomon Outback GTX Hiking Boot Review

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Salomon Outback GTX

When fast and light is the name of the game, the Salomon Outback GTX is your boot. This Salomon boot is built to be light, stable, and have protection. The company Salomon has a big following in the outdoor industry by being a major player in alpine skiing, shoes, Nordic skiing, apparel, and all the accessories that come with those sports. The company has been around since 1947 where its inspiration stemmed from and continues to be playing in the French Alps.  

All the way from the French Alps to the Rocky Mountains, I have been hiking my way through the Fall in the new Salomon Outback GTX hiking boots. These boots have accompanied me on numerous hikes, hunting trips, as well as teaching days in the outdoors.  

Initial Thoughts on the Salomon Outback GTX Hiking Boots

Salomon Outback GTX

Wow, these boots are light!  When the package was on my door step I was not sure there were actually hiking boots inside. Incredibly, the Salomon Outback GTX weigh a little over one pound at 500 grams. This is by far the lightest pair of hiking boots I own and even lighter than most of the shoes in my closet.  

These boots are built around and Advanced Chassis that is designed to be both “stable and responsive.” The Advanced Chassis is located between the outer sole and mid sole of the boot. The outer sole is made with Contragrip MD, a versatile material created for long term wear and traction on a variety of surfaces. The lug pattern allows for capable traction in many different conditions.  

Sole and Lugs

The upper portion of the Salomon Outback GTX hiking boot made of Cordura Fabric. This unique fabric really sheds the weight off of the hiking boot. This fabric is tough and made to withstand multiple seasons of abuse. Within the boot there is a GORE-TEX liner that gives the boot breathability and water resistance. All of these new age materials give the boot a “glove like” comfortable fit. Around the front of the boot is a rubber protective toe cap.

Cordura Fabric

The tongue has a gusset fit that wraps nicely around the upper ankle and foot. The lacing system is traditional, but does have nice features like lace lockers. The lace lockers keep the laces in place and allow for a secure fit.  

Lace Locker

Field Testing the Salomon Outback GTX hiking boot

The Salomon Outback GTX is a solid hiking boot with considerable upsides.  From the get go, these boots are very comfortable. This really stems from having a fabric upper portion of the boot. The Cordura fabric allowed this boot to fit perfectly around my foot. I found that these were not hiking boots that I wanted or needed to pull off by the end of the hike. Earlier this fall we had some outdoor education days where these were perfect for standing all day long and for all of the hikes in and around camp. These were 12 hour days in which I wore these boots for a week straight. I would even go as far to say as these are as comfortable as my all purpose shoes.  

Hiking in the Salomon Outback GTX

This comfort was really nice in the field. From short hikes to longer excursions these boots performed well. Since the Salomon Outback GTX are so comfortable, I definitely found myself slipping these on more frequently because of their comfort. This made me want to have them on for even the shortest of outings. However, they really shined on the longer hikes. These lightweight hikers were perfect for traveling long distances.  

Hiking in the Salomon Outback GTX Close Up

Made for Distance

It is incredible how much difference a pair of lightweight boots can help on long hikes. I felt like I could go for miles because I never got tired. On a particular antelope hunt we ended up hiking ten times further than we anticipated. This was a non issue as I had the energy to keep going because my legs stayed fresh. The Salomon Outback GTX single handedly made the difference for this hunt.  

Additionally, these are awesome when playing in the backcountry with my on the go three year old. My little boy is always on the move. In order to chase him all around I usually wear lightweight shoes. However, these are perfect as I can still run and chase him, yet when the time comes to throw him in the pack or carry him up loose terrain, I have a trustworthy pair of boots on.  


This lightweight design does come at a cost. I really like the Cordura upper part of the boot for comfort and being light but it is not the most supportive when conditions were tough. For me, I felt like this boot was lacking in support. Around my ankle there was more flexibility and movement than I would like to see on a hiking boot. The Advanced Chassis system does help quite a bit with stability but when the conditions were really tough and scrambling was involved I was left wanting more “Beef.”  

In reality, this boot will cover most hikes that most people go on. Here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado we get visitors from all over the world to come play in our mountains. The bulk of the hikes that our guests participate in would be perfect for the Salomon Outback GTX. Only in areas with loose rocks, steep inclines, and heavy loads was I wishing for more boot. This boot would be great for easy to moderate hikes and short to long distances.  

Specs on the Salomon Outback GTX Taken Directly from Salomon

  • MSRP $210
  • Advanced Chassis
  • Cordura Textile
  • GORE- Tex
  • Mesh and Textile Lining
  • Gusseted Tongue
  • Protective Toecap
  • Soft Collar Construction
  • Welded Upper Construction
  • Molded EVA footbed
  • Lace Locker
  • Regular Lacing System
  • 500grams in weight

Final Thoughts Salomon Outback GTX Hiking Boot

The Salomon Outback GTX hiking boot is a great boot for moderate hikes. Being lightweight and comfortable makes these a go to choice for exploring. These boots really shine on long hikes where their minimalist design will allow you to go further. In only the most extreme terrain will these boots be over matched.

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Bennett Colvin: Bennett Colvin lives in Steamboat, Colorado and is an avid fisherman, hiker, skier, and outdoorsman. Bennett instructs fly fishing and runs youth fly fishing programs. He also is a professional fly tier and ties publicly at fly shops and expos.
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