Ahnu Karma Latitude Slip-On Review

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Ahnu Karma Latitude

The Ahnu Karma Latitude shoes are a great fit for those looking to treat their feet to some comfort and style. As we transition from boot to sandal weather, there is nothing better than finding that perfect pair of slip-on flats for casual, everyday use. I’m not one to go out and purchase many pairs of shoes to fit my different moods, outfits, and activities. When I can find a practical and attractive shoe that fulfills multiple needs, I’m a happy girl.

Ahnu includes the Karma Latitude among their collection of yoga-inspired footwear. When I practice yoga, I am eager to free my feet from the captivity of shoes. So why would I associate shoes with yoga? I think about some of the ideals that yoga seeks to achieve: balance, flexibility, and strength. Do the Karma Latitude shoes live up to these ideals? I think so.

Ahnu Karma Latitude Comfort and Fit

These shoes are true-to-size with a relaxed fit. The Ahnnu Karma Latitude feel durable and soft at the same time. My pair is made of a lush microfiber suede leather that conforms to the contours of my feet without losing shape. The criss-cross straps on top are not made of elastic, as you see with many shoes of this type. Instead, they are made with a buttery-soft leather underneath and then a fun nylon webbing on the outside. The straps fasten with velcro on both sides of the shoe. This prevents stretching and provides adjustment for the fit.

The sole of the Ahnu Karma Latitude shoe is also soft to the touch and lightweight. There is just enough arch to give a bit of support at my midsole.

Gentle arch support

It does not overcompensate or feel forced. As a result, I can maintain a stride that feels more natural to me. This shoe is comfortable not because I feel that I am walking on cushions. Rather, it feels supportive but also airy and minimalist. I am able to walk and stay on my feet all day without the least bit of discomfort. That is a huge relief to my finicky feet.

Adjustable criss-cross straps and relaxed fit

The area around the heel is bunched for a gentle fit. It does not slip, nor does it pinch. I often get blisters on my heels with new shoes, but not with the Karma Latitude.

Gathered heel allows for a relaxed fit

The toe box feels roomy on the inside. I like this fit, especially being able to wiggle my toes a bit. My only complaint is that there seems to be limited breathability in the toe area. It gets a little warm in there. While this doesn’t sound ideal in really hot weather, I like to move on to sandals around the peak of summer anyway.

Because of their lightness and comfort, they are excellent shoes for travel or for days when I’ll be doing lots of walking. On a recent trip to New Orleans, these shoes held up well as I was on my feet all day. They are also perfect for wearing on your way to yoga, barre, Pilates, or any activity where you’ll want a shoe that slips off and on quickly and easily.

Ahnu Karma Latitude Appearance

I have the Ahnu Karma Latitude in Agave Green. They seem less green than the name implies, and more like a pewter or silver with a subtle green accent. I love their versatility. They match just about any color. They look great with jeans, yoga apparel, and even a casual skirt or dress. The decorative stitching on the tops and the pattern on the straps add a nice finishing touch.

Versatile and comfortable


The Ahnu Karma Latitude slip-ons are my go-to footwear when I know I’m going to be on my feet a lot. They are minimalist, comfortable, versatile, and they look great. At $95 retail value, they are comparable to other high-end flats in this category. In my opinion, they are worth every penny. For more info on the Ahnu Karma Latitude slip-ons and other Teva footwear, visit www.teva.com

MSRP $95.00

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