Chaco Z/X2 Colorado Sandals

While at first glance you think these Chaco Z/X2 Colorado Sandals are just another pair of sandals, they are actually packed with product specific features and engineering in each component of the sandal. With a 25-year history of making super comfortable and functional sandals, Chaco is no newbie to the outdoors scene and they’re celebrating this milestone anniversary by bringing back a classic – the Classic Z Colorado.

Chaco Soles

These sandals are built on the legendary Z-platform which is versatile, durable and long-lasting. They also feature throwback Colorado Vibram which is the original Chaco sole that is slightly thinner and flatter than the newer versions. The Vibram sole is non-marking rubber compound TC-1. I found the soles to be very comfortable and supportive. While at first glance, I thought they looked bulky once they were on my feet they were not bulky at all and molded to my feet quickly.

Chaco Z/X2 Colorado Midsole

The Classic Z/X2 Colorado sandals also feature Chaco LUVSEAT midsole which is designed specifically to support the bones and muscles in your feet to allow proper alignment and support for your entire body. I felt that these sandals were just as supportive as hiking shoes or a good pair of distance running shoes. I wore them for hours and hours to festivals, concerts, camping, and just generally wandering around outdoors. Even after hours on my feet on hard or uneven surfaces I didn’t feel achy or sore.

Uppers of the Z/X2 Colorado Sandals

The uppers on the Z/X2 Colorado Sandals feature double-strapped throwback webbing that wraps around the foot and includes toe loop for comfortable, customized, and secure fit. The uppers stay in place with a secure buckle once adjusted to your fit. I loved look of the webbing design and found that the system was very versatile. I could tighten them down and hike around pretty rough terrain without them coming loose or I could leave the straps loose to throw them on quickly when getting out of the tent in the morning.

Final Thoughts on the Chaco Z/X2 Colorado Sandals

This is the first pair of Chaco’s I have ever owned and I am sure I’ll have them for years and years to come. Overall, I find these being my go-to sandal for getting to and from the trailhead, camping, kayaking or hanging out in mountain towns. They dry quickly, are easy to clean, and can be worn comfortably for hours. These specific sandals are limited edition, but for more information visit

Stephanie Smith: Stephanie grew up moving constantly whether in gymnastics or running around on the family farm in New York. Nowadays, she has melded her energy and passion for the outdoors into a career in the ski industry and a continual quest to spend as much time outside enjoying everything that Colorado has to offer. In between skiing each of Colorado's 26 ski areas in one season, she can be found in the Front Range pounding the pavement marathon training or enjoying the abundant singletrack on her mountain bike or her own two feet. Stephanie also enjoys cooking to fuel for her activities, traveling, good beer, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.
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