Keen Victoria Sandal Review

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Keen Victoria Sandal

Keen Victoria Sandal Initial Thoughts

Lets face it ladies, we sacrifice comfort for style more often than we like to admit. I have to confess that when the flat shoes made a comeback my feet were doing a happy dance! Even though I’ve come to love my flats sometimes a lady just needs to dress up and put on some heels! Keen has found a way to incorporate comfort and style in the new Victoria Sandals. Now we can kick up our heels in style without the dreaded aching pains at the end of the night.

Stylish & Comfortable! What more could you ask for!

The Upper

The Keen Victoria Sandal upper is made out of a soft, full grain leather. What girl doesn’t love a pair of leather kicks! Right out of the box you can smell the high quality leather and appreciate the quality craftsmanship. The forefoot strap is wide so your forefoot is stabilized and not sliding forward. The three thinner leather straps around the mid foot are perfectly spaced to help keep your foot in place.

Strategically placed straps to keep your feet in place

The ankle strap has a five hole adjustable buckle closure. The ankle strap not only keeps your shoes in place it is extremely comfortable. Connected to the buckle is a small elastic piece to give you some wiggle room as you pull the strap tight to achieve the perfect fit. The buckle is a light but sturdy metal that is built to last.

Adjustable Buckle Closure

Elastic Strap & Convenient Heel Tab for easy on/off

Molded, sturdy leather cups the back of your heel. There is a convenient heel tab for easy on and off.

The long leather strap that goes up the middle of the Victoria Sandal connecting all the other straps is soft and moves comfortably with your foot as you walk. All the straps combined make the Keen Victoria Sandal one sturdy wedge.

The Lining

The lining is made of soft pigskin. The leather is so smooth and supple. The pigskin leather lines the whole foot bed. Keen definitely had women’s comfort in mind when they placed foam padding under the heel and ball of your foot portion of the lining. The foam padding is perfectly placed to relieve the pain off of those pressure points.

Heel Padding

Ball of your foot Padding

I wore my Keen Victoria Sandals one weekend walking around the streets of Aspen CO and dancing the night away at the Belly Up. These sandals did not disappoint! I was able to walk around downtown before the concert for a few hours, dance at the concert, and walk back to our hotel room without any pain. I forgot I was wearing wedges, the Victoria Sandals were just that amazing! Let me tell you a little bit about the sidewalks in Aspen. They are cobblestone therefore very uneven! I miss-stepped a few times when I was walking quickly but I never fully rolled my ankle. The upper straps held my feet in place and I was able to recover without a fall. In the past I typically wore heels and had some foldable flats in my purse to swap out my shoes when the pain became unbearable.  I don’t think I would ever have to swap out to flats with the Keen Victoria Sandal. The sandal is just that comfortable you could wear them for a night out in Vegas!

Aspen CO

The Outsole

Most wedges come with some serious weight. Many wedge heels are made of cork making them bulky and heavy. Keen has constructed the Victoria Sandal outsole out of a non-marking, rubber Polyurethane (PU). PU are what a lot of running shoe outsoles are made of, so if it’s light weight enough for a running shoe it is definitely taking the weight out of the wedge. When you push on the heel you can push it in slightly. PU is a very flexible rubber making the shoe move with your feet. The horizontal, grooved striping gives the outsole just enough grip on those uneven walk ways.

PU Outsole

The platform height is 1/2 inch and the heel height is 2.56 inches. The heel hight is high enough for feeling sexy but low enough to help you not feel like your walking on stilts.

Size 8 weighs a mere 9 ounces! When you pick up the shoe box you’ll be wondering if there is anything inside! The lightweight comfort of the Keen Victoria Sandal helps keep your feet feeling fine all day and all night.


The Fit

Right on Keen’s website they have a disclaimer that this style is running about 1/2 size big. So Keen suggests ordering a 1/2 size smaller than your usual size. I’m a fairly consistent size US 8.5. I ordered a 8.5 and my Victoria Sandals fit my feet pretty well. I do have a slightly wider toe box and high arches. The wedge supported my high arches well. The soft leather is flexible enough to accommodate wider toe boxes. If you have a very narrow foot these sandals might not fit well. I could’ve probably gone down to a size 8 but I felt my toes would’ve been very close to the edge. Long story short: try before you buy!

The Fit: Size 8.5

Final Thoughts

I’ve worn my Keen Victoria Sandals for well over a month now. I’ve worn them while standing and sitting out to lunch, while walking around downtown, while out on the town for the night, and while dancing. These stylish wedges will keep your feet happy for hours. Gone are the days where you stuff your purse with foldable flats! The Keen Victoria Sandals will keep your feet supported, protected, and comfortable as long as you wear them. The high quality leather and PU outsole will make any feet do the happy dance. The Victoria Sandal comes in 3 beautiful colors: Cascade Brown, Ribbon Red, & Gargoyle.

For more information on the Keen Victoria Sandal visit:

MSRP $110

Happy Feet

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