Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo Review

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Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo

Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo Initial Thoughts

The quality of the Women’s Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo trekking boot right out of the box is apparent. Lightweight, high quality leather, mesh, and rubber. As the smell of real leather filled my nostrils I was excited to get these boots out on the trails ASAP! I have never owned a pair of Lowa boots before now. My husband was able to test a pair this winter/spring and I was quite jealous because he raved about them. After I first tried on my Phoenix Mesh Lo’s I knew exactly why.

Lowa was established in 1923 in Jetzendorf, Germany and have been perfecting boot making in Europe ever since. Lowa’s leathers are manufactured in both Germany and Italy. According to Lowa’s website, they do not produce cows to make shoes. Top quality leathers come from cattle hide, bred for meat production. This eliminates waste and additional impact on the environment. Lowa’s boots are handcrafted to last, the average pair of LOWA boots lasts 5-7 years, which means that fewer LOWA Boots end up in the landfill. I love the fact that Lowa takes pride in being environmentally friendly. They make a great boot and are a great company!

Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo

The Fit

I’m a consistent US 8.5 and the Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo fit perfect. It is completely true to size. I have a slightly wider forefoot. I wouldn’t call these shoes wide by any means, but I did have enough room to move my toes freely with a lightweight hiking sock. The second I slipped my foot into the Phoenix Mesh Lo boot I fell in love. The best words to describe the inside of these boots is soft and airy. The inside mesh is so soft and comfortable that it feels like there is a lot of padding wrapping all the way around your foot. The last thing you might think of for a summer hiking boot is padding. Not to worry, the whole inside even though it feels so amazingly padded it is all mesh to keep your feet cool and foot sweat to a minimum. This is due to Lowa’s Climate Control System where a series of perforations inside the boot’s lining allows air to enter, and your natural walking movement “pumps” heat and moisture back through the holes. This sensible system keeps feet drier and cooler, protecting against blisters and hot spots.

Climate Control System

The removable insole is made out of a shock absorbing foam. Lowa’s Balance Comfort footbed features a breathable top layer combined with slow-reacting foam to provide instant customization. It is designed to transport moisture away from the foot, eliminating pressure points and minimizing friction between the foot and insole to reduce fatigue. The foam is extremely lightweight and provides extra cushioning that molds to your feet. I was very surprised how thin the insole is for how much cushioning it provides!

Balance Comfort Footbed

Thin, but great shock absorption & cushioning!

Right out of the box I went for a 6 mile hike in 80 degree weather in the foothills of Northern Colorado. Right away it felt that I had already worn the boots in to fit my foot. No walking around my house for days to wear in my boots, the Balance Comfort footbed took care of that! Out of the box comfort with no foot fatigue is something to rave about.

The Upper

The upper is made out of a split leather and an open 3D mesh design. As stated above, the quality of the leather was apparent right out of the box. A soft suede leather lines the bottom of the upper and wraps up towards the tongue for extra foot stability. The leather has stood up quite well with the muddy conditions this spring on Colorado trails. Once the mud dried, I was able to easily brush it away with an old toothbrush. The leather did an excellent job at keeping dirt, debris, and little pebbles out of my boot.

Quality Leather

The open 3D mesh keeps your feet cool and comfortable during long hikes. The best feeling in the world after a long hike is taking your shoes off and slipping into sandals. With my Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo boots I don’t feel the need to rush and take them off. The 3D mesh is integrated throughout the upper so you will have consistent and constant airflow for maximum ventilation. Most of the spring it has been quite rainy, however, the last week or so has been hot here in Colorado! Even with the hot temps, my feet haven’t gotten sweaty making hiking a lot more pleasant.

3D Mesh: Excellent Ventilation!

Rubber wraps up around the toe box for extra toe protection from stubbing your toes! Last year I was wearing a pair of trail running shoes hiking a rocky 12,000 foot trail. I stubbed my right foot and my toes still hurt during certain activities. I’m sure I broke something in there that didn’t heal properly. Lesson learned….always wear hiking boots while hiking!

The Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo has a traditional lacing system. I typically always double knot my shoes while hiking, but I tried these out a handful of times with just a single knot. The laces stayed tied and didn’t loosen with a single knot on short hikes. I did double knot them with long 10 mile hikes.

Traditional Lacing System

The tongue is connected to the upper with extended side wings. These wings also aid in keeping unwanted debris out. The tongue is well padded and ventilated with the 3D mesh and leather for a snug fit. When the laces are tightened appropriately the tongue creates a snug fit against your foot.

Extended Side Wings keeps the tongue in place and debris out!

Padded & Airy

The Midsole

The Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo midsole is made out of PU (polyurethane). According to Lowa, PU is more expensive, so not widely used. Boots made with PU last at least twice as long as boots with EVA midsoles. With PU, you get better value for your money & fewer boots end up in the landfill (eco friendly again!). Lowa boots are more expensive for a reason. You are getting the best quality for your dollar. The flexible PU midsole lines the whole boot. PU does not break down easily so you will be able to enjoy your Phoenix Mesh Lo’s for years! The PU is shock absorbing so you’re feet and legs won’t get fatigued as fast as they would with other trekking boots. PU also provides extra cushion and stability to keep you trekking strong even when you’re crossing uneven terrain.

PU Midsole

The Outsole

The outsole is made out of Lowa Approach Lite Rubber. This strong but flexible rubber lets your foot move freely without feeling bulky or heavy. I can bend the Phoenix Mesh Lo boot in half. I really have enjoyed the flexibility of this boot. I’m able to navigate rocky areas easier. The tread is quite deep for extra grip. With the rain we had in the spring, we had a lot of slippery rocks and muddy conditions. I was able to easily push off rocks or tree trunks without slipping off. The Approach Lite Rubber is lightweight so you can hike all day long without feeling weighed down.

Great Traction!

Very Flexible for all types of changing terrain

Final Thoughts on the Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo Boots

If you enjoy hiking during the hot summer months the Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo is the boot for you. This low-profile ankle boot will keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long. I enjoy all day hikes and this boot will make you want to get out and visit the mountains more than ever! You can take the Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo out on almost any terrain. I wouldn’t suggest taking it on scramblers just because it is low-profile. You might want to stick with something that would support your ankles a little more on a lot of loose rock. Otherwise, this boot does the job in any other condition. I was overwhelmingly impressed with the quality of materials used in making this boot. I’ve never had a hiking boot so well ventilated. It truly kept my feet comfortable on all day hikes. The leather kept debris out and offered ample support to keep my foot stable on uneven terrain. The flexible Approach Lite Rubber will keep you trekking along for hours!

Lightweight, Flexible, Excellent Ventilation

With a MSRP of $180 you can’t beat the quality for the price. The Lowa Phoenix Mesh Lo might be a little more expensive than other trekking boots, but with the quality of the materials used and excellent craftsmanship you can be sure you will get many miles out of these boots! They are worth every penny! These are my new go-to hiking boots for sure!

For more information on colors and sizing please visit www.amazon.com/lowaboots.

Happy Hiking!

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