Dr. Cool Recovery Wrap Review

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Dr. Cool Recovery Wrap

The Dr. Cool Recovery Wrap is a perfect option for any active on-the-go kind of person. Accidents, missteps, and injuries will happen. When they do, this handy dandy icing wrap has you covered to get you back to action.

Wet, freeze, wrap, go! Simple as that!

Dr. Cool Recovery Wrap first thoughts

As I’m now getting up into an age bracket that you could say is “over the hill”, “washed up”, or ”has been”, I need a simple cure-all for my every day aches and pains. For a guy in his mid 40’s, I try to keep moving while exploring my Rocky Mountain Backyard. With Ironman, marathons, boy’s mountain bike weekends, and ski trips in the books, I go hard or I go home.

My bumps and bruises have been minimal, but when they do happen, they tend to take a bit longer to heal. Bring on the Dr. Cool recovery wrap.

Right out of the freezer. Crispy, stiff, but pliable

How to use the Wrap

Simply unroll, and hold underneath the faucet. The light blue fabric will wet and turn dark blue. The water will get absorbed, so there is no real dripping. You can either roll it, or fold it several times. Freezing times for the rolled version is 45 minutes while the folded wrap takes about 20 minutes.

If you do want to store the wrap in the freezer for longer periods of time, they do recommend putting it in a plastic bag.

The darker spot is where I placed my thumb for a few seconds. The rest of the wrap is kind of crystalized


Some recent jarring bumps from skiing provided a bit of lower back pain, and did require some rest, ibuprofen, and yes, ICE. The instant I received my Dr. Cool Recovery Wrap, I tossed my bag of frozen corn. I then watered and froze my wrap for about half an hour, and set out to put her to the “test”.

Now here is the cool part (pun intended), this wrap has double function. Yes, you can ice, but it’s also a great on-the go wrap to provide support and compression as you go about doing your thing.

There are no special chemicals to aid in freezing, just water.

I went with the middle of the road wrap (4” x 50”) thinking it would hopefully address my main qualms (ankles (3”) and knees and hamstrings). If I did have other smaller or larger ailments, I would be able to improvise to go down to the ankle or up to cool my back aches. I suppose strengthening my arsenal to a trio would allow me to attack any ailment, but for having just one, I think the 4” wrap will perform just fine.

I run! I run a lot!  I especially love the trails. Contrary to what you may think, the trails have lessened my injuries versus road running. The road can be jarring, and when you do pick up the pace, the chance for injuries goes up (at least in my book). The trails are covered with roots, rocks, and uneven surfaces, but in the end these help strengthen the legs, joints, and muscles. My only problem is the occasional nose dive because my toe gets caught on something. This is where the Dr. Cool Recovery Wrap comes in quite handy. The bruises and scrapes aren’t really injuries, but they can use some soothing to help reduce the swelling, etc.

When I do speed workouts, my hamstrings do tend to tighten up, and this wrap has come in quite useful. 20 minutes of icing afterwards has taken the edge off, and I’ve been able to continue my running and workout regime without any interruptions.

Why a picture of cross country skiing you may ask? It’s a 2 inch wide piece of board, and your ankles will be worked.

Final Thoughts on the Dr. Cool Recovery Wrap

The Dr. Cool Recovery Wrap is now a permanent part of my collection. It helps soothe, promotes blood flow, and is downright handy. No more drippy mess with leaky ice bags, and those smelly brown athletic wraps. Another great thing is that I can easily pack it away to take with as I travel or head out on my outdoor or athletic adventures. For more information and purchase please visit: www.amazon.com/drcoolrecovery.

Lots of great colors to choose from: Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange

Three Sizes:

  • 3” x 25”
  • 4” x 50”
  • 6” x 50”

Those first 4-5 minutes are always the worst, but then the slight numbness sets in. The same occurred here.

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.
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