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When you lead an active lifestyle, metal wedding bands tend to get in the way and can even cause harm in certain situations. Have you ever lifted weights with a metal band? Snagged your ring on something, and feel as if you almost lost your finger? Or accidentally touched the positive terminal when changing a car battery with your ring while you are removing the negative terminal with a metal wrench (contacting all three results in a fantastic burn and blister). Groove Life has stepped in and created the “world’s first breathable active ring” that aims to solve the problems that metal bands create.

Groove Ring

Groove Ring is an exceptionally comfortable silicone ring that breathes well and flexes with any activity that you are doing. The first place that I took the ring was right to the weight room. In the past if I forgot to take off my wedding band, I would usually suffer through a workout with my ring on and it would pinch my palm against dumbbells and barbells, as well as scratching up my wedding band. With the Groove Ring it flexed with the bar and I barely noticed it was there, finally a ring that works with you in the weight room!

After wearing the ring for over a month I can say that it is without a doubt a better fit than my metal wedding band for my active life. The Groove ring is durable, comfortable and has a nice low profile that helps it avoid snagging most things. However, I did notice that the ring tended to catch on my jean pockets more that my original wedding band when going after car keys or change. While this is not a deal breaker it is something that stood out to me. But, being able to wear the Groove Ring as my wedding band, I know that it will not cause me any harm or get in my way when I am out chasing adventure.

Available for Men and Women and in Many Colors

Groove is great for the married couples who want to replace their rings for all around flexibility in their adventurous life. But it is also great for the non-married people who want to make a statement or just enjoy wearing rings. Groove Ring offers many different colorways and two different styles, Groove Original and Groove Thin.


  • Breathability: Groove Ring’s patent pending breathable features make it the first active silicone ring that keeps air moving in and allows moisture out. The infinity loops, air-ports, and inner arch lessen the contact of your finger with the ring, allowing it to “breathe”.
  • Lifetime Warranty: If Groove Ring breaks, stretches, tears or if you lose it, we have you covered.
  • Low Profile: Groove Ring is super low profile and designed to be worn close to the skin since it “breathes”. Having your active ring snug on your finger is essential to prevent your finger from snagging on objects your hand comes in contact with.
  • Liquid Poured: Groove Ring is also the first type of ring to be liquid injected. This process gives Groove its perfect look with limited mold lines, checks, or flaws!
  • Resistant: Groove silicone is resistant to most common chemicals including gasoline, oil, diesel, & household cleaning products.
  • Silicone: Groove is non porous, non conductive, heat resistant, and hypoallergenic.

Groove Ring’s Patent Pending Breathable Side


Purchasing a ring online is typically a challenge but Groove Life offers an excellent measurement sheet that will help to get an accurate sized ring the first time. If you decide on a Groove Ring and after sizing your finger, you still don’t get the right size, have no fear, Groove Life is there. They have an easy exchange policy to insure the perfect fit. It should be noted that the Groove Ring is designed to be worn snug to your finger, so if you know your ring size you will still want to re-measure.

I used Groove Life’s paper test and printed out their ring size sheet to acquire my correct size and with the two measurements I ended up with the perfect fitting ring.

Great Fit

Lifetime Warranty

Groove Life’s lifetime warranty is out of this world. They will replace it for any reason, for just a small shipping and handling fee. Here are their words, “No matter what happens we want you to know we have you covered if your Groove is damaged. Regardless of what happens, you cut it, stretch it, stick it in nuclear waste or even LOSE it we will replace it no hassle! It’s our mission to make you raving mad (in a good way) about Groove! We want our rings on your fingers and will go overboard to make you happy! ” Warranty details

Final Thoughts

If you feel like your metal band is holding you back or may cause problems in your active life, Groove ring is the definitive answer. The ring falls into the comfort zone of not even realizing that you are wearing it and with Groove Life’s excellent lifetime warranty it becomes an easy choice. Go and get your Groove on!

For more information or to purchase, click : men’s silicone ringswomen’s silicone rings or silicone wedding rings.  MSRP  $30

Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.

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