Kahtoola – Best Winter Footwear Traction

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Whether you’re running, hiking, or walking this winter, good traction is a must if you live any place the temperatures drop below 32F Degrees.  Kahtoola Microspikes and Nanospikes offer superior traction for nearly every activity in snowy and icy conditions.

Kahtoola NANOspikes – Running $49.95

Living in a mountain town where the roads and trails are covered with snow and ice 4+ months out of the year, not running is not an option for me.  The Kahtoola NANOspikes wrap around the outsole of your running shoe which makes them easily to slip on and off depending on the conditions outside.

kahtoola nanospikes carbide studs

For traction, the NANOspikes use a tungsten carbide studs that do an amazing job of digging into ice and snow.  On my runs, I’m typically running on a combination of ice, snow, dirt, and pavement and no matter what the surface, I always feel stable.  Since these studs are built into hardened rubber plates, snow doesn’t clog up the studs which can reduce your traction.

Kahtoola MICROspikes – Walking & Hiking $69.95

When winter conditions are extremely slick, the Kahtoola MICROspikes are a must.  These traction devices include 12 stainless steel spikes per shoe, 8 in the front and 4 in the back.  These spikes are meant to dig into the ice and snow and whether you’re on a flat surface or a steep hill, the MICROspikes will dig in and keep you stable.

These are great for people that need to get out snow or shine because whether you want to get out or not, your dog needs their daily walk.  Having two dogs that get excited about any movement within a half mile, walking on ice and snow can be a disaster. With the MICROspikes, I am always extremely confident in my footing and I have no worry about falling.  Instead of me sliding into the dogs when I pull at the leash, the dogs come to me when wearing the MICROspikes.

For hiking, the Kahtoola MICROspikes are designed to take a beating on snow, ice and rock.  With other traction devices, rocks can wreak havoc and disassemble your traction devices within a couple hikes.  I’ve tested the MICROspikes out on dozens of rocky and snowy hikes and they still perform like my first day out.

Slips and Falls can be Expensive

While winter traction is often taken lightly because it’s not as glamorous as a 3 oz. running jacket, it should be known that it’s one of the best investments you can make.  Slips and falls can injure you in dozens, if not hundreds of ways.  In one slip, you can injure your back, head, hands, arms, shoulders and the list goes on.   One trip to the ER and most people are paying thousands of dollars out of pocket.  At the prices of $49.95 and $69.95 for the NANOspikes and MICROspikes, there is no question to the value in this purchase.

Final Thoughts

To date, I haven’t found any other brand that provides better winter traction than Kahtoola.  The brand provides extremely durable products that are made to last.  While they don’t have hundreds of products under the brand name, they know what they do well and they do it extremely well.  For more information, visit amazon.com/kahtoola.

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