New Balance Minimus 10V2 Trail Shoe Review

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New Balance’s Minimus 10 Trail V2 has very few, if any, major changes from the first installment. They feature a Vibram sole, 4mm drop, lightweight uppers, and a seamless barefoot-friendly interior – all weighing in at only 4.9oz for a women’s 7.

The uppers are a lightweight, multi-layer mesh that when combined keep debris out quite well. There is a leather-like band that spans the forefoot which I was initially concerned wouldn’t stretch and could cause irritation, but it molds to your foot and does have some give. The same leather like material wraps around the back of the heel for added durability and structure.

The midsole is a high-density, ultra lightweight foam that provides just a bit of support and cushion while maximizing flexibility and a natural feeling. The midsole has a triangular pattern in-between octogonal outsole lugs.

The outsole is durable Vibram in an offset pattern of octagon shaped lugs. There is additional Vibram wrapping over the big toe area and on the ball of the foot for added protection. The outsole lugs are very low keeping the overall profile of the shoe extremely low to the ground.

The midsole and outsole combination is my only complaint on the Minimus 10 Trail. I find that the exposed midsole foam is not protective against sharp rocks and does not disperse the pressure across the sole. Personally, my feet aren’t tough enough to endure the sharp rocks that I find on Colorado trails even with these shoes on. I wish there was a version of the Minimus 10 that had no changes except the addition of New Balance’s Rock-Stop protection.

The interior is made to accommodate sockless running with flat, even seems, a brushed material on the sole, and anti-microbial coating to protect against odor. The tongue is about two thirds attached with just the top of it remaining free. This keeps it from slipping side to side or bunching which is helpful, especially when sockless.

The Minimus 10V2 Trail runs true to size for a minimalist shoe – shallower depth, wider toebox, standard length, but overall snugger fit than a traditional running shoe. I found V2 to run slightly bigger than the original, but not enough to size down.

The few differences I noticed in V2 were the shape of the lugs, the midsole pattern, slight sizing differences and appearance.

The Minimus 10V2 comes in three color options each for both women and men.

For more info on the Minimus 10V2 Trail Shoe and other New Balance footwear, visit or

MSRP: $109.99

Stephanie Smith: Stephanie grew up moving constantly whether in gymnastics or running around on the family farm in New York. Nowadays, she has melded her energy and passion for the outdoors into a career in the ski industry and a continual quest to spend as much time outside enjoying everything that Colorado has to offer. In between skiing each of Colorado's 26 ski areas in one season, she can be found in the Front Range pounding the pavement marathon training or enjoying the abundant singletrack on her mountain bike or her own two feet. Stephanie also enjoys cooking to fuel for her activities, traveling, good beer, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.
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