Brooks Glycerin 11 Running Shoe Review

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For the neutral runner that’s looking for a smooth, cushioned, and neutral ride, the Brooks Glycerin has been a nice option for runners of all shapes and sizes. For those new to the Brooks Glycerin, it is important to know that this shoe is Brooks high end neutral running shoe meaning when Brooks has a new or premium technology, you will generally see it first in the Glycerin. So you might ask, what’s so new and great with the Brooks Glycerin 11 and how does it perform?

Technology in the Brooks Glycerin 11

The most notable feature in the Brooks Glycerin 11 is the 3D Print Fit which allows the designers of the Glycerin 11 to maximize efficiency through providing enough support in the upper while using as little material as needed. For the majority of runners, it will be hard to see a difference in the fit and function of 3D fit print overlays  because it only cuts down a fraction of an ounce. The fit of the Brooks Glycerin 11 is a little more sleek than previous models, which means you will notice a little less bulk. Another change you will see in the Glycerin 11 this year is the removal of the mid-foot shank. Paired with the caterpillar shaped midsole, you get a smoother and softer transition while running. Similar to the 3D Fit Print, this is a subtle difference and is hard to notice a major difference. At this point, you may be noticing a theme, the Brooks Glycerin 11 incorporates some new technology and change, but Brooks doesn’t want to change this shoe that much because the Glycerin has been good to so many runners over the years.

Glycerin 11 Upper and Fit

The upper on the Brooks Glycerin 11 provides a nice comfortable and secure fit for the average foot. On the inside of the upper, there is a smooth form fitting material that wraps around the inside of the cuff. Compared to other running shoes on the market, this is the smoothest inside in a running shoe I have experienced. This soft inside liner is especially nice for those that wear no show socks because a rough liner can sometimes rub against your ankle skin and cause irritation. The fit of the upper is good for the runner that has an average sized foot, meaning not too wide and not too narrow. As far as arch height goes, I find this Glycerin 11 to provide average arch height.

For breathability in this running shoe, the Brooks Glycerin 11 has a mesh upper that does a nice job at keeping your feet from overheating. On the inside of the shoe, there is a fine mesh liner that keeps most debris from getting in the shoe which is nice if you mix in a trail run in these shoes from time to time.

Midsole and Outsole

The Brooks Glycerin 11 utilizes both Brooks DNA and a responsive EVA to provide a smooth ride. As noted above, there is no mid-foot shank which means that the Glycerin 11 will have a more fluid transition from heel to toe.  Along the outside of the midsole and outsole, Brooks uses a caterpillar type formation and that allows for a little bit of flex throughout the entire shoe. When it comes to the outsole, Brooks uses a little more rubber in the forefoot of the shoe to allow for more longevity in high wear areas.

Final Thoughts

Brooks has done it again, they have made another successful update to the Brooks Glycerin with great success. After testing the Brooks Glycerin for approximately 200 miles road running, I am very happy with the smooth ride and performance of this shoe. For more information on the Glycerin and other Brooks products, please visit or

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