Saucony Guide 7 Review

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New for Fall/Winter 13, Saucony introduces the Saucony Guide 7 mild stability running shoe.  This is the perfect shoe for the runner that needs a little stability, but doesn’t need a bulky, overbuilt running shoe that weighs you down and pushes your stride out of whack.  I’ve tested the Saucony Guide 7 running shoe out over the past 3 months, put about 350 miles on this shoe on surfaces including asphalt, cement, trails, and treadmill.  Read on to get the low-down on how this shoe performs and learn about a little bit of shoe tech along the way.

Saucony Guide 7 Inner Works

Posting EVA on Saucony Guide 7

Plastic Frame in midsole

As mentioned above, the Saucony Guide 7 is a mild stability running shoe.  This means that in general terms it has a small amount of posting in the midsole that will help keep many runners from over-pronating.  Some may be asking, what’s posting?  The answer, posting is a supportive section in the midfoot that keeps your foot from falling inwards.  There are two elements to posting, first the foam that is used.  Generally, you will see a harder, often darker foam in the mid section of a mild stability running shoe to help keep your foot from falling inwards.  Second, some companies include a semi hard to hard plastic piece that assist the firmer foam/EVA for support.  As I find myself enjoying a small amount of stability these days, I found the shoe to provide just enough stability to keep my stride and feet happy.  

Shoe Upper

Saucony Guide 7 Lacing

The instant I put the Sauoncy Guide 7’s on my feet, it was love at first try on.  The inside of the Guide 7 is extremely well designed for comfort and foot security.  The inside of this running shoe has just enough cushion to secure your foot in the heel and the lacing is done just right to keep your foot secure up front.  Like the majority of running shoes, the Saucony Guide 7 upper is made with a combination of mesh for breathability and synthetic material for durability and form.  In running shoes, it’s hard to tell how well a shoe fits until you try it on and run in the shoe a few times.  I am hear to attest that this shoe fits like glove, running glove that is, and there are no hot spots to speak of.

Other specs and features

The Saucony Guide 7 weighs in at 10 oz. which doesn’t win the contest for worlds lightest running shoe, but it weighs just enough to keep you light on your feet while providing enough cushion and support.  For those that are concerned with the heel to toe drop, the Guide 7 has a 8mm heel to toe drop which I find to be a sweet spot for most runners.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was very impressed with the Saucony Guide 7 mild stability running shoe.  It’s great for those that need a small amount of stability in a running shoe or those looking to trim down on the amount of stability.

Saucony did a really nice job on the Guide 7 details and is definitely worth taking a look at. For more info on the Guide 7 and other Saucony products, visit

MSRP $ 120

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