New Balance 1080 V3 Running Shoe Review

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Coming out with a well built, well designed cushion running shoe this spring, New Balance introduces the 1080 V3 road running shoe in 2013.  This shoe is designed with the road runner in mind that enjoys a soft, plush ride with minimal correction for stability.  The New Balance 1080 V3 is an excellent choice for the person looking for an everyday training shoe which can log a lot of miles.  The 1080 V3 weighs in at 10.15 oz. for a men’s size 9 and 7.95 oz. for a women’s 7 which historically would have fit in as a lightweight training shoe, but in today’s running shoes, this shoe fits in at the lower end of weight for a neutral running shoe.

Upper and Fit

  The upper on the New Balance 1080 V3 is comprised of mesh for breathability and synthetic overlays for shoe structure and durability.  While this is simple in lamen terms, it’s not as simple as slapping a few pieces of material together and presto! you get a good fitting running shoe.  For the foot to feel comfortable and secure inside a running shoe, there has to be enough cushioning around the heel and ankle to keep it in place while running.  The laces on a running shoe also have to be positioned correctly so you get a sufficient wrap around the foot.  And last, there needs to be just enough material to cover your foot while letting the shoe flex while in stride.  Lucky for you, the 1080 V3 has it all while still keeping the shoe plenty light on your feet.  Both male and female testers of this shoe thought it was very comfortable with a similar fit of a Brooks Ghost or Asics Nimbus.

Midsole and Outsole

For cushioning, the New Balance 1080 V3 incorporates NB’s foam called N2 which is a spring like foam in the heel and New Balance Abzorb which is a sponge like foam in the forefoot.  There is a small piece of semi-hard plastic under the arch for a dash of support which isn’t really noticeable while running or walking.

The outsole on the New Balance 1080 V3 is made up of 4 zones on the forefoot and 3 zones from the heel to midfoot.  The outsole is made up of a durable semi  spring like rubber that is in the form of circles.  On the forefoot, they are placed laterally with space in between each row for the foot to have a natural flex in the forefoot.

Heel to Toe Drop

The New Balance 1080 V3’s have a 8mm heel to toe drop which has become more standard for a lot of running shoes on the market.  I ran up to 15 miles at a time in these shoes along with many shorter runs and I was very comfortable.  This would be a perfect middle to long distance training shoe, say for example someone training for a half or full marathon.  I tend to like an 8mm + drop in  a running shoe for longer runs, but this is a personal preference.  What I can tell you is that the days of having a 0mm heel to toe drop are quickly fading away as the results of minimalist aren’t filled with puppies and kittens.



In the end, I think the New Balance 1080 V3 running shoes are a great option for the neutral runner out there that’s looking for a soft cushioning ride.

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