Nike Lunarglide +4 Shield Review

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If you don’t let rain or snow get in the way of your run, having a pair of waterproof running shoes can sometimes make or break your day. Recently, Nike introduced the Lunarglide +4 Shield which incorporates a waterproof layer on the outer of the popular Lunarglide +4 running shoe.

Waterproof and Reflective

For rain and snow protection, Nike adds a reflective waterproof layer that sits beneath mesh outer on the Lunarglide +4 Shield.  By placing this layer below the mesh, it doesn’t look like you are running in space shoes or shoes wrapped in tin foil, but it looks like a regular running shoe with a little bit of shininess.  I tested these shoes out in both cold rainy conditions as well as snow in Colorado and my feet stayed plenty warm and dry.  I used these shoes as my everyday shoe on a recent trip to Europe in the winter which included Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic.  Almost every day I was there, it rained so having a pair of waterproof shoes really saved my feet while playing tourist and doing my site-seeing.  I also used them as my running shoes on this vacation, so they helped save space by not having to bring two pairs of shoes with me.  If you are interested in seeing my trip report to Switzerland, you can see it here  Through all my testing, there was not one instance where my feet got wet, so I was very happy with the waterproof layer and its performance.


As with all waterproof shoes, my feet tended to heat up a little, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for waterproof shoes.  There are many companies out there that claim waterproof breathable which means they do breath a little, but typically if you are exerting a lot of energy, the fabric doesn’t breath fast enough.  For reflectivity, it looks like small dots of reflective material under the mesh lining that is noticeable and allows you to be seen, but it’s not obnoxious.

The fit of the Nike Lunarglide +4 Shield running shoes run a tad small.  This is largely due to the addition of the waterproof layer.  Most times when you try on a shoe that is waterproof, you will need to go up a half size.  This is true for the Lunarglide +4 Shield, so unless you are trying them on in the store and can try a few sizes, I suggest going up a half size.  Since I sized up a half size, I was able to get a good fit with these shoes.  The upper on the Lunarglide +4 allows for a snug and supportive fit that allows you to focus and enjoy your run without having to worry about how your running shoe is fitting.  If you need to adjust the fit of the shoe, the shoelace attachments are adjustable so each person can adjust them to fit their own foot.  I personally was fine with them out of the box.  I also feel that over time, the shoelaces adjust a little to your foot too.  The toebox of the shoe had a standard fit which wasn’t too roomy, nor was it too narrow.  I have one foot that is bigger than the other and one foot that is wider than the other in the forefoot and found both shoes to fit comfortably in the forefoot, or toebox.  I also felt the heel cup provided a nice secure fit that kept my foot in place while running and walking. To keep your heel in place, Nike uses a good amount of cushion that surrounds your ankle that provides a snug fit but doesn’t rub.

Midsole and Outsole


The midsole of the Nike Lunarglide +4 Shield running shoe is comprised of Nikes Lunarlon cushioning which dissipates the load and pressure across the platform reducing the impact in one particular area of the foot.  When I first took the shoe out for a run, the ride was a little stiff.  After a few runs in these shoes, the midole Lunarlon material softened up and provided a smooth cushiony, yet supportive ride.

The outsole of the Lunarglide +4 Shield has a higher density of rubber on 3 different pods on the rear and outside of the shoe for durability.  There are also pieces of outsole rubber that are located on the forefoot of the shoe which are the same color as the midsole which make it difficult to decipher, but they are there and they have held up over hundreds of miles.

Lightweight shoe in a heavy shoes body

The Nike Lunarglide +4 Shield weighs in at a featherweight 9.7 oz. for a men’s size 10 which is very light for a waterproof shoe.  Typically, a shoe with a waterproof lining adds about an ounce of weight to a shoe, so this shoe weighing 9.7 oz. is pretty impressive.  Another thing to consider is that most other shoe brands use a size 9 (old school) when weighing their shoes.  This has been the way companies have weighed shoes for a long time and they don’t want to use higher number shoes because it will sound like their shoes are heavier.  Kudos to Nike for using a size 10 which is more reflective of the average foot size these days.

Another thing worth noting is that this shoe is built up like a regular running shoe.  This means that it has plenty of cushioning in the midsole and it has plenty of cushioning in the upper.  In most other shoe companies, this should would weigh 10.5 oz. in a size 9 for men.  As for my personal impression of the weight of this shoe, I found that it was light on my feet, but my socks weren’t completely knocked off.

Overall Impression

In the end, I was very happy with the performance, look, and feel of the Nike Lunarglide +4 Shield running shoe.  I am happy to give this shoe my stamp of approval and I highly suggest it to those runners that often find themselves running in wet conditions.

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