Puma Ventis Running Shoe Review

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  1. BAnne says:

    I ran on these for 35 miles before going back to my old ones and returning to the search for the right shoe for me. I won’t say they are “terrible” because shoes fit differently on everyone…but here’s why they didn’t work for me.

    I have a wider forefoot and the toebox was not wide to accomodate that, so even with a half-size bigger, they gave me multiple blisters on each foot. They also got very very hot around the bottom of my foot and toe area while running, which makes for painful running. Also, after my last (and longest) run on them, I had terrible pain in my heel and up through the arch of my foot, that took a couple days to recoup from. And strangely, the tongue of the shoe rubbed against my ankle on hills, a problem I’ve never had before.

    They do have a pretty sturdy heel that fits snug on your foot, and the cushioning on the heel was fine for the run, it was just the other problems I listed overwhelmed these good things.

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