Saucony Mirage Running Shoe Review

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It is the sound and the look of my shoe hitting the pavement that makes me smile these days.  When I run, I make it a point to enjoy every second of it because being a mother of two, every second counts!  At first glance, the Saucony Pro Grid Mirage caught my attention. It is a neutral to mild pronation shoe that features an over-sized sole. I’m a bit critical when it comes to first impressions and I immediately thought to myself who wants to run with the look of more weight on their feet?

When I lifted the shoe I was surprised to find out that the shoe with an over-sized sole weighs less than 9 ounces.  It was clear that this sole is no ordinary sole but after mile 2, it all made sense. I felt the natural motion of my foot in my shoes hit the pavement immediately work to build my lower leg strength.  The Saucongy Pro Grid Mirage is nice for mild pronation and fits into the minimalist category.  The shoes also has a a touch of cushioning with supportive stability.

The outsole of a blown rubber lightweight flexible material provided additional cushioning.  The XT-900 Carbon rubber outsole material offered good traction without sacrificing durability.  The memory foam heel pods also provided a heel pocket for a snug comfortable fit.  There is even an HRC Strobel board to further increase cushioning and step-in comfort.  And since the top is lined with an open-weave mesh with a hydrator line to wick out moisture, it could also be used as an everyday trainer shoe.

For an overall look and performance, I’d give this shoe a 3.5 out of 5.  There’s a beauty when it comes to running.  I personally could not get over the bulky bottom look of this shoe but there’s not doubt of its performance.  So as your shoes hit the payment to the road leading to paradise, enjoy the feel and performance of the Saucony Mirage.  For more information on the Mirage and other Saucony footwear, visit or

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