Soundcore AeroFit Pro Review

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During my regular runs, I usually avoid headphones to enjoy the company of fellow runners. However, I recently explored open-ear headphones with the Soundcore AeroFit Pro. Celebrated for their comfort and stellar audio, these headphones effortlessly integrate with my surroundings. It’s like having elevator music for my workouts – a subtle backdrop that perfectly complements conversations with others during runs. What’s even more impressive is the flexibility to crank up the volume when I’m in the mood to jam out while running along the picturesque trails of Michigan.

Soundcore AeroFit Pro Design and Comfort

The open-ear design of the AeroFit Pro represents a relatively new idea in the market. The non-intrusive design and air conduction audio seamlessly collaborate to provide pressureless listening and a comfort level that is gaining popularity. Crafted with ultra-soft materials and a gentle finish, these headphones feature a snuggly soft design, ensuring maximum comfort during extended listening sessions.

The flexible ear hooks, constructed from aerospace-grade titanium wire, contribute to a snug and secure fit. I did find them a bit thick behind my ear, possibly due to housing the battery, which we’ll delve into below. The ergonomic design and the additional stability from the detachable neckband provided the assurance needed during intense workouts and outdoor activities, such as bike rides.

Soundcore AeroFit Pro Battery Life

The AeroFit Pro boasts an impressive battery life that truly stands out. Offering 14 hours on a single charge and an additional 46 hours with the charging case, these headphones provide extended usage without the constant need for recharging. Notably, I put them to the test during lengthy running sessions over the last several weeks, and to my amazement, they have yet to demand a recharge.

The fast-charging capability adds a layer of convenience for users on the move, delivering 5.5 hours of use with just a brief 10-minute charge. For a full charge, the earbuds require approximately 1 hour, while the charging case reaches full capacity in about 2 hours. With a battery capacity of 105mAh per earbud and 750mAh for the charging case, the AeroFit Pro ensures durability throughout extended usage.

The charging input and output specifications, set at 5V / 1.2A and 5V / 0.5A respectively, contribute to the efficient and swift charging process.

Audio Quality and Tech. Innovation of AeroFit Pro Headphones

I found the sound quality of the AeroFit Pro to be quite impressive. They offer a versatile volume adjustment, allowing me to set them at just the right level to hear both my music and engage in conversations. The headphones strike a balance, providing clarity even at lower volumes for casual interactions while maintaining the capacity to crank up the volume when needed. When pushed to full volume, the audio quality remains strong, showcasing the robust bass powered by 16.2mm oversized drivers with titanium-coated domes. The integration of true spatial audio and LDAC technology enhances the overall depth of the listening experience, creating an audio quality that feels remarkably authentic.

Soundcore AeroFit Pro Specifications

  • Drivers
    • Size
      • 16.2mm
    • Type
      • Dynamic Drivers
  • Main Materials
    • Titanium
  • Playtime and Battery
    • Playtime
      • 14 hours / 46 hours
    • Fast Charging
      • 10 minutes = 5.5 hours
    • Charging Time (From 0 to 100%)
      • Earbuds: Within 1 hour
        Charging case: Within 2 hours
    • Battery Capacity
      • 105mAh X 2 (earbuds)
        750mAh (charging case)
    • Charging Input and Output
      • Input: 5V / 1.2A
        Output: 5V / 0.5A
  • Product Design
    • Control
      • Button control
    • Main Material
      • Earbuds: TPU
        Ear Hook: 0.7mm thick aerospace-grade titanium wire
    • Weight
      • Earbuds: 12.23g (0.43oz)
        Charging case: 64.28g (2.26oz)
        Total weight: 88.74g (3.13oz)
    • Dimensions
      • Earbuds: 56.59 X 34.6 X 18.93mm
        Charging case: 79.56 X 65.27 X 24.24mm
  • Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth Version
      • Version 5.3
    • Supported Bluetooth Profiles
      • AVRCP1.6, A2DP1.3, HFP1.7
    • Supported Bluetooth Codec
      • AAC, SBC, LDAC
    • Bluetooth Range
      • 10m
  • Waterproof Rating and Temperature Requirements
    • Water Resistance
      • IPX5
    • Working Temperature
      • -10℃ / 60℃ (14°F – 140°F)
  • Calling
    • Call Function
      • 4 mics with AI algorithm
Calm White
Midnight Black


In summary, the Soundcore by Anker AeroFit Pro Open-Ear Headphones offer an impressive blend of comfort, audio quality, and innovation. While not revolutionary, the open-ear design provides a refreshing take on immersive audio. With stability for various activities and the flexibility to amplify volume when needed, these headphones cater to diverse preferences. The AeroFit Pro is available in black and white. For more details or to make a purchase, visit Soundcore’s official website or find them on

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