Trigger Point Nano Foot Roller Review

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Trigger Point Nano Roller Background

Trigger Point Nano Roller

One of the great advancements in running over the last 10 years or so has been the increase in products allowing the individual runner to perform muscle therapies themselves for injuries and general recovery. The use of rollers and massage devices can really help with stiff muscles and tight spots from hard training.

One of the brands leading the charge with these products is Trigger Point. You have probably seen their unique GRID foam rollers with patterns of little raised geometric shapes for added muscle stimulation. New for this year, Trigger Point introduces a mini version of these foam rollers intended for use on feet and other smaller body parts.

Trigger Point Nano Roller Performance

Disclaimer: runners’ feet aren’t pretty.

The Nano Foot roller is comprised of a center portion of soft but not too soft foam rubber with raised square pyramid shapes protruding from its cylindrical barrel. At both ends, the Nano Roller is finished with inline-skate type wheels which allow it to glide smoothly when rolling the feet on the floor.

The foam of the business portion of the roller feels great – just the right consistency for therapeutic massage, but not misery. I do think the roller could be more effective with a variety of patters on it or even a spiral pattern, so that the ‘nubs’ would hit different spots as you rolled back and forth on it. As I did, you can of course just pick your foot up and shift placement a bit to hit all your sore spots.

Trigger Point Nano Roller Quality

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The construction and materials of the TP Nano Roller are top notch. Aside from the foam, the body seems to be one piece with nothing that seems susceptible to coming loose. The ‘wheels’ feel very high-quality. It doesn’t seem unlikely that this roller would last a lifetime.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality and construction of the TP Nano Foot Roller and found it to feel great on tired, sore feet after hard workouts. TP’s website also shows an athlete using the roller on their arms (photo at right). During the time I was reviewing the product, I didn’t really have reason to use it on anything but my feet, but I could see this feeling great for those with tennis elbow or carpal tunnel perhaps. For more info, visit

From TP: Innovative foam roller specifically designed to increase flexibility and relieve minor muscular aches and pains associated to the foot. The NANO™ Foot Roller surface provides a systematic approach to blood flow by channeling nutrients directly to the tissue. Designed to mirror the feeling of a massage therapist’s fingertips, the NANO™ Foot Roller is supported by our educational platform that is recognized globally for its effectiveness in the application of myofascial release.

The Trigger Point Nano Foot Roller

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