Adidas Everyday Outdoor Print Light Wind Jacket Review

Adidas Everyday Outdoor Print Light Wind Jacket

With the transitioning weather from Spring into Summer, you never know what you will get in Michigan. The old adage goes; it’s Michigan, wait five minutes the weather will change. During the weather transition we get to see it all, from snow to sleet to torrential downpours, from windy overcast days to the most perfect sunshine. With all the unpredictability of the weather it is nice to be outfitted with clothing that will help combat it. Which makes Michigan the perfect place to test the Adidas Everyday Outdoor Print Light Wind Jacket. Let’s check it out…

Check it out, before we test it out

The jacket has a striking blue, purple, grayish green pattern, outlined in bright orange elastic cuffs, waist band and hood. The bright orange seems to be the perfect color to really make this pattern stand out.

Adidas Everyday Outdoor Print Light Wind Jacket

The hood has an elastic strip sewn into the back, which will allow the hood to give and take for maximum comfort when you are sporting it. It is also outlined with the orange elastic that will give it a snug fit without the need for adjustment from drawstrings. The jacket has a Full Zip hood which does two things in my opinion.  First it will zip and sit right under your chin giving you in effect, a neck windbreaker. Secondly, it will allow you to snug the hood nice and tight to your face to keep out all the wind and rain.

Full Zip Hood

All of the zippers on the jacket are reversed, in essence making them wind proof and water resistant. For those that don’t know, a reverse zipper is a zipper that is sewn inside out. For example if you turned this coat inside out and looked at the zipper, it would look like your ordinary everyday zipper.

Zippered Chest Pocket

The sleeves also have the orange elastic cuffs, which will allow your hands and gps watch to easily slide through, yet feel trim enough to keep out the wind.

Elastic Binding on Sleeve Cuffs and Elastic Strip on the back of the Hood

The Adidas jacket has two zippered side pockets, with hidden seams. All of the zippers are wrapped in a nice slightly rubber material that is very easy to grip and operate.

Zippered Side Pocket

The pockets are all mesh, granting easy air flow within the pockets and the jacket itself.

Inside View of Mesh Chest and Side Pocket

The chest pocket is dual purpose. It will hold your cell phone or glasses, and it will also transform into your carrying case for the jacket. Stuffing the jacket into this pocket is a simple and quick process; unzip the pocket, turn it inside out, and start stuffing the jacket. It leaves you with a portable little pouch with a loop that can be clipped to your backpack or stuffed in a hydration pack.

Jacket packed up in the chest pocket

Testing the Adidas Everyday Outdoor Print Light Wind Jacket

I figured the easiest and probably the best place to test the wind resistance of this jacket was to take it on a run out to Lake Michigan. For those that don’t know it is a very rare occasion that there is no wind or waves on Lake Michigan. As expected, once I was out past the pier there was plenty of wind to deal with. The temperature away from the lake was in the high 50’s, throw in the cold temperature water of the lake and the wind coming off of it, I am sure it dropped into the 40’s out at the lake.

Testing the wind resistances on a run at Lake Michigan

I was glad I had the jacket, it blocked the chilly air from the lake perfectly. I even wanted to put the hood on to keep wind away from my neck and head. There was not one spot on the jacket that I could feel any drafts.

Full Hood on

Side View of the Full Hood

The jacket also stood up to some light drizzle on the mountain bike trails. And here is where I will tell you that the jacket is made of 100% polyester ripstop, thank goodness. I managed to snag a tree branch on one of the sharp turns, and I thought there would be a hole in the jacket. After stopping to assess what I was certain was a giant tear, I found that the branch had caught the jacket but slid right off… hole….nice choice on fabric, Adidas.

Testing in Light Rain on the Mountain Bike Trails

Last, but not least, my favorite, running the trails. The ups and downs of the trails always make me work up a good sweat, which certainly tested the breathable factor of the jacket. The jacket does a fairly good job of letting heat escape. Regardless of how breathable a jacket is, it is going to retain some heat and I would say the Adidas jacket falls into the better side of the breathable category. I was still sweaty but didn’t feel like I was in a sauna.

Trail Running on an overcast and windy day

Final Thoughts on the Adidas Everyday Outdoor Print Light Wind Jacket

The Adidas Everyday Outdoor Print Light Wind Jacket is a top-notch jacket that blocks the wind and rain and even battles tree branches. It would easily fit into anyone’s adventure apparel collection. From riding your bike, to runs and hikes, to walks on the beach this jacket will keep out the unwanted weather, allowing you to enjoy your next adventure.

MSRP $90

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Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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