Injinji Spectrum Toesocks Review

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Injinji Toesocks – don’t hate ’em, try ’em

We’ve all seen them out there by now. The people who think that they should wear gloves on their feet. They take off their shoes and BOOM. There’s a bunch of toes. Clothed like hands. Who do they think they are, anyway, getting away with feet hands. WHO???

Athletes. That’s who they are. Athletes who know the truth about things like foot splay. Athletes who know that toesocks are NOT just for toe shoes. Who know that toe shoes kinda suck – but Injinji socks definitely do not.

Truth be told, I’m an Injinji fan boy. I’ve been running their socks for years now, and can vouch for them not only in terms of comfort and blister elimination, but also in terms of longevity and durability – run after run, wash after wash. At a high pricepoint (usually in the $16.00 range for a single pair) you might be turned away, thinking much like I used to. Sure, you can get four pairs of that other brand for the same price you get for ONE pair of Injinjis. But how many pairs can you wear at once? And, if you’re like me (running an average of four to five days a week) – it’s only the initial investment that hurts the pocket book, but feels oh so good on your feet. I actually still have the first pair I purchased four years ago – I haven’t looked back since. Give them a run, and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

A quick summary of why I like them, and then it’s on to the Spectrum Lineup. To begin with, they eliminate blisters by putting close fitting, moisture wicking cloth in between your toes. It’s not rocket science, but it does make sense. Kiss those between the toe blisters good bye. Even when running ultra distance runs, I get no blistering in those places that used to suffer. Second, they don’t limit your foots natural ability to splay when landing. The foot is made to expand on impact, and you don’t yet know it but you’re limiting your foot because you run in traditional socks. Try them out if you don’t believe me. Truth, some people wear their shoes too tight. But if you aren’t in that camp, give these a go. It’s a completely different and awesome feel for the run. Last but not least is the longevity mentioned above. They just last and last. I’ve branched out into wearing them as casual socks now, too. So, without further ado, a few offerings from the Spectrum Lineup.

So I don’t have to explain myself every time – Spectrum refers to all the funky colors that Injinji is putting out this year. The color palette offers designs that won’t “distort or warp” while wearing, but I think it really means that the trapped their design team in a room and refused to let them out until they came up with the loudest/boldest color choices known to mankind. Good thing these stay inside your shoes, or else everyone would be staying at your feet all the time. Unless you like that sort of thing.

Injinji Spectrum Run Lightweight No Show

The no show offering is a favorite of mine for running – the design is such that it stays in place well even on the longest runs and doesn’t bunch up or slide down inside your shoe. Here we have the “lighweight” offering from Injinji, which is especially great for hot summer days. It’s super breathable and really feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. I love this for pavement runs and short distance sprint work because of the flexibility of the sock and the close to the skin feel. They come in a ton of colors, too.

Injinji Spectrum Run Original Weight

The original weight shares a color palette with the no-show lightweight offering above, but has a different feel entirely to the sock. The Original weight is a favorite of mine for long distance runs – it still breathes, but gives you a better barrier between shoe and foot, making for a more comfortable long distance experience. Again, there’s no bunching or sliding down involved with these guys. Injinji shapes the heel such that if you purchase the right size (pay attention to the sizing charts) the sock really ain’t going anywhere. There’s also reinforced stitching on the heel which serves to keep them together wash after wash. Follow the washing instructions, and you’ll go years before wearing out a pair.

Injinji Spectrum Trail Midweight Crew

Did you know Injinji doesn’t just make running socks? They make a whole slew of alternate offerings, including compression socks (reviewed by yours truly last year). These aren’t just great hiking and trail running socks – they make great every day wear socks. The midweight offering is great for colder weather, and somehow the socks stay put (even though crew socks always fall down on me, in everything but Injinji). I personally think this might be the loudest of the loud in terms of design, but they DO remind me of sunny beaches. Which is ironic, ’cause I don’t wear socks to the beach.

Head on over to the Injinji website to check out all the spectrum offerings – but don’t hold that against them. If you want less loud, buy a few non-spectrum offerings. They have those, too. Cheers.

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