Brooks PureProject LS Review

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Now that spring is here, Brooks has released their PureProject apparel line.  I have been lucky enough to snag one of the Brooks PureProject LS (long-sleeve) shirts, which could possibly be the most comfortable shirt that I have ever owned.  Even new, I put it on par with my favorite tees from high school.  The shirt is exceptionally soft while providing enough stretch to not get caught while running.

Performance of the Brooks PureProject LS

The LS is no doubt a spring shirt, and I wouldn’t recommend wearing it below 40 degrees.  However, I wore this shirt on runs into the high 50s, and it had enough breathability where I felt as comfortable as if I was wearing a short sleeve (in spite of the editor of a certain gear review site asking why I wanted to roast on our upcoming run).  I was impressed by how quickly the shirt dries on warmer days.

The Brooks PureProject LS has dashes of reflectivity included in the seams that shine at dusk, but nothing that stands out during the day.  This semi-fitted shirt also includes one small pocket on the front hip, which is good to carry a couple gels, keys, or an ipod.  This pocket is not zippered, so I tended to not load it up or use for a phone or keys on technical terrain.  I doubt keys would have fallen out, but not a risk I was willing to take.

The fabric of the Brooks PureProject LS is 83% polyester, 11% tencel, and 6% spandex.  The fabric choice and semi-fitted design provide enough room to move around in the comfort that well all deserve.  I found the men’s medium fit my 5’11” frame perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Rocking the PureProject LS and PureProject Pant

While the Brooks PureProject LS is made for running, it has quickly become my favorite shirt for lounging around the house.  I would encourage all runners to put this shirt on their spring wish list.

For more information, visit  MSRP: $75

Dan Brosious: Dan is a life-long runner and outdoor enthusiast, who grew up hiking, camping, and skiing in the northeast. Dan was a competitive runner through college, where he participated as a decathlete. While living in Arizona, he took up trail running to bring the excitement back to running. Dan has since finished several ultra-runs, including the infamous Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim traverse of the Grand Canyon. Dan currently lives in Colorado with his wife and kids, who have introduced him to even more activities. Did you know they have triathlons for 4 year olds?
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