Janji Flyby Tight Review

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Janji is known for their unconventional and unique styling in the running apparel industry, and the Flyby Tight is no exception. I have multiple other pairs of tights in my arsenal, and almost without exception they are completely black. The Flyby Tight features large panels of red and tan on the inside of each leg, and blue accents on the front left hip and rear pocket zippers. There’s also the signature Janji “watermark” reflectivity just above the hem on the back of the leg for added visibility. It’s not so much color as to be obnoxious – but enough to make these stand out from the ever-growing sea of all-black and gray competitors.

  • Material: ReFlex Stretch Knit (77% Recycled Polyester, 23% lycra)
  • Weight: 7.6oz (Men’s size Medium)

The ReFlex Stretch Knit material of the Janji Flyby Tight lives up to its name and is quite stretchy, even where dual-lined. It is also notably moisture-wicking and breathable when conditions demand it.

Features of the Janji Flyby Tight

Three pockets!  It’s hard to find a product like the Janji Flyby Tight with more than two pockets – this is a definite differentiator and much appreciated.

  • Rear Pocket: Unique pocket secured with two vertical zippers, one on the left and one on the right to make a tiny kangaroo pouch with a horizontal pass-through. The idea is to allow you to stuff a shirt/layer through it to keep your hands free if you get too warm. I really like the concept, but the execution left something to be desired. The zipper handles are quite small and hard to manipulate mid-run without stopping – not really an issue unless you’re racing or in the middle of an interval. However, the openings themselves are also smaller than the promotional photos led me to believe which makes it difficult to realistically get anything larger than a thin base layer or tee shirt to pass through. It’s still useful to stuff a key fob or other small object into, so it’s not a drawback.

  • Hip Pockets: Left and right hip pockets are more than large enough to hold an iPhone with a minimal case, they are snug and sit high on the outer thigh which really helps reduce excess movement during activity. They are roomy enough to comfortably stash a small wallet, key fob, energy chews, beanie, and/or gloves when they need to be shed.

The drawstring is stitched into the interior of the waistband. It’s very elasticized so it can be difficult to get a snug enough fit around the waist. This resulted in the tights slouching some during activities for me.

Sizing for the Janji Flyby Tight

I’m 6’1” with a 33” waist and 34” inseam. I tested a size large. The waist of the Janji Flyby Tight fit perfectly, but the bottom hem of the tights falls a solid 6” above my ankle which is significantly higher than I was expecting based on product details stating a 5’11” model wearing a medium was comfortably covered down to just 1-2” above his ankle. That lower leg exposure limits these tights to shoulder season activities in my climate as typical December through February temps in Minnesota require more full coverage. Perhaps a long-cut version could be added to the catalog in the future.  That said, so far, I’ve come to like the shorter inseam length during the fall season I’ve tested in; it helps prevent overheating yet still keeps the lower extremities plenty warm.

Test Conditions

The Janji Flyby Tight is dual-lined in the front panels (from hip through thigh) to help minimize wind and maximize warmth. These claims were put to the test and confirmed during a blustery October morning half marathon. Snow, wintry mix, and high winds combined to make for a less-than-ideal race experience, but the Janji Flyby Tight excelled in the conditions. I was never chilled, never had to fidget with anything, could access fuel stored in the hip pockets mid-stride with ease, and ultimately ended up with a personal best time – zero complaints and kudos to Janji for a well-performing pair of tights in demanding conditions. Multiple long runs in similar late-fall conditions have resulted in the same satisfying experience. Paired with athletic 6” boxer briefs underneath, I’ve experienced zero chaffing.

Conclusion on the Janji Flyby Tight

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value for high-performing tights than the Janji Flyby Tight; I’ve paid more for less on multiple occasions. A snug and comfortable fit, warm in cold conditions, multiple functional pockets, stylish design, and a reasonable price tag. For more information please visit www.janji.com or www.rei.com.

Ryan Joy: Ryan is a lifelong runner and avid paddler currently living in Minnetonka, MN. He can be found enjoying the outdoors in northern MN, WI, and MI with his wife and young son whenever they get the opportunity.
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