Ultimate Direction Access 20 Plus Review

Ultimate Direction Access 20 Plus waist belt


The Ultimate Direction Access 20 Plus is a waist belt hydration system ideal for packing hydration, a phone, energy bars, and keys on short or long runs. I love the idea of being able to run hands-free while able to bring my water and any food or gear I may need in a comfortable belt.

Ultimate Direction Access 20 Plus Features

My first impression of the Ultimate Direction Access 20 Plus was that this belt seemed very multi-functional. I was impressed by the main compartment which is designed to rest in the small of your back. The belt has a 20 oz bottle with holster and a large pocket with 2 compartments that easily fit my iPhone. Inside the pocket is a key leash to ensure your keys would not accidently bounce out if you left a pocket unzipped. As an added bonus, this pocket is made of a ripstop material for durability. There is a second large pocket that also has a divider and a 4 oz gel flask. Both of these are easily removed using velcro which I found to be handy when I wanted to do a shorter run.  During my longer testing trail runs, it was great to have so many storage options. You can easily carry 3-4 bars, phone, keys, gel, 20 oz of fluid and utilize the exterior bungee-type straps to hold a light jacket or arm warmers. The trim pieces are made of a reflective material which is a plus for improving visibility in lower-light conditions.

Large pockets with secure key leash and 20 oz bottle


4 oz gel flask and large accessory pocket

Ultimate Direction Access 20 Plus Fit

The Ultimate Direction Access 20 Plus hit the nail on the head with its design and fit. The design of this belt provides a snug fit around your waist and hips using 2 straps to ensure a good fit. The main compartment sits nicely in the small of your back. The water bottle cage is at a nice angle that made it really easy to grab the bottle while in motion.

My biggest complaints with most waist hydration systems are sloshing liquids, and having to continually adjust the belt for chafing or riding up. This belt solves both of these problems. The Cool-Wick Air Mesh material is sweat-wicking to help prevent uncomfortable chafing. Once adjusted, the belt stayed in place. I hardly noticed I was even wearing a belt most of the time, and required no further adjustment once I was out and about. The bottle sleeve has a grippy material inside that keeps the bottle from slipping out of place. The angled design kept the dreaded sloshing to a minimum. The extra large accessory pocket and 4 oz gel flask are easily attached and removed with a velcro strap. They slide easily along the belt to be in the ideal position for whichever configuration you prefer.

Easy buckle with adjustable straps for a great fit

The bottle that is included with this belt fits 20 ounces and has hands-free nozzle operation. The nozzle is made of a soft rubber that you can push in and pull out using your teeth. I’ve used this bottle before, and the unique nozzle takes some getting used to. It took me a few runs to figure out that you need to squeeze the bottle while biting on the nozzle to get the good stuff. The cap has a nice ring that attaches it to the bottle. You could use this for easy storage, or you could hook it onto a pack. It also prevents the cap from being lost or falling when you are refilling it. One of my biggest pet peeves about hydration systems is leaking, and this bottle did not leak at all from either the nozzle or the cap.

Accessory pouch can be easily taken off or moved

Ultimate Direction Access 20 Plus Final Thoughts

The Ultimate Direction Access 20 Plus is perfect for anyone looking for a belt with ample storage and a decent-sized bottle. It is very comfortable, has an adjustable fit, and includes multiple storage options. My favorite part about this belt is that it takes just seconds to customize it to your needs for a particular run. It retails for $61.95 and comes in colors: black (tested), acid, and teal. See more info on their website: http://www.ultimatedirection.com/

Comfortable fit in the small of your back


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