Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 20 Extreme Review

The Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 20 Extreme is a handheld hydration system for use during runs in hot or cold conditions. I generally prefer handheld hydration to a waist-belt system, and was excited to try this one out.

Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 20 Extreme Fit and Features

The first thing I noticed about this system is the insulated band around the bottle. It is built to handle both warm and cold beverages. I have never considered a warm drink (cocoa?) for working out, but the band kept my iced sports drink nice and cold on a warm Colorado winter run, without chilling my hand. The Cool Wick Air Mesh strap kept the sweat away and did a good job of distributing the weight of a full 20 ounces of liquid. I hardly noticed it while running and experienced no chafing whatsoever. The strap is easily adjustable, and was simple to fit over a lightweight glove. I also appreciated the bit of neon and reflective material, which helps with visibility to cars and others out on the road.

The breathable mesh strap is easily adjustable and has bright and reflective material.

The pocket is awesome. It is big enough to fit my iPhone 5 and some snacks. It is made of a ripstop material, is nice and soft on the inside, and the zipper has a nice ergonomic pull for easy opening and closing.

Interior of the pocket

The bottle fits 20 ounces and has hands-free operation. The nozzle is made of a soft rubber that you can push in and pull out using your teeth. The nozzle takes some getting used to.  It took me a few runs to figure out that you need to squeeze the bottle while biting on the nozzle to get the good stuff. The cap has a nice ring that attaches it to the bottle. You could use this for easy storage, or you could hook it onto a pack. It also prevents the cap from being lost or falling when you are refilling it. One of my biggest pet peeves about hydration systems is leaking, and this bottle did not leak at all from either the nozzle or the cap.

The soft nozzle won’t hurt your teeth.

Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 20 Extreme Final Thoughts

The Fastdraw 20 Extreme checks all of the boxes when it comes to a great handheld hydration system. It is perfect for anyone looking for a decent sized bottle with a great comfortable feel, adjustable fit, and perfect storage pocket. It retails for $32.95 and comes in two colors: Acid (tested) and Teal. See more info on their website: https://ultimatedirection.com/.

Thumbs up.

Drew Dog: I am a 6 time Ironman finisher who loves all distance triathlons, hiking, biking, camping, running, skiing and bbqing. My wife, little girl and I love exploring CO and all of its natural playgrounds.
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