Garmin Forerunner 110 Watch Review

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When it comes to electronics, I’m rather incompetent. Not because I can’t figure them out, but because I just don’t care. However, a running computer was required gear for each team in the Gore-tex Transrockies Run. I thought I would push this requirement on my teammate and husband, but no luck—mind you he had back up in case I spaced the duty, but it was time for me to find my way both literally and figuratively.

Thankfully the new Garmin Forerunner 110 is idiot-proof, simple enough to hold even my attention and yet still able to provide all the pertinent data you need—or in my case, all I could ever desire. With one, streamlined piece of equipment, you can track distance, time and pace. Strap on the included heart rate monitor for heart rate information and to determine calories burned.

My favorite feature? The new, HotFix GPS technology, meant all I had to do was charge the Forerunner and go. It sets the time (all by itself!), and determines location with no help from me—okay, I needed to press a button to enable the GPS, but otherwise the Forerunner takes care of its own business. Brilliant!

And I have to confess, I came to enjoy the chirping sound as the Forerunner ticked off the miles. A new screen momentarily pops up at the mileage mark to give time and average pace over the last mile before reverting back to the main screen.

Once the day is done, you can upload the data onto your computer and even share the info with others at the new Garmin Connect website. It’s a great way to stay motivated and track your progress. Garmin Connect will even provide you with a map of the route you traveled. However, workout data is also stored on the device—up to 1000 laps–so you can truly compare work-outs on the run.

I usually run without a watch, so I appreciated that The Forerunner 110 offered so much in a one-piece package, plus it is comfortable, weighs in at just 1.8 ounces, is water resistant, stays put and looks good.

When the GPS is enabled, the battery life is around 8 hours. While this was perfect for daily stages of the GTTR, I did not use it while hiking the Grand Canyon because I knew our days would be longer. It has a rechargeable lithium battery and charging is a simple affair– just remember to bring along the included charger. In regular watch mode, the battery lasts upwards of three weeks. It gives several beep warnings as the battery gets lower, with a “life left” indicator. Before it dies, it goes into sleep mode to save all data.

If you are looking for a sport watch to hold workouts, display maps and show the weather, go for one of the Garmin models (205, 305, 405), but if you seek accurate, basic information in a sleek package, definitely pick up the Forerunner 110 to honor your purist tendencies, with just a touch of bling. For more info on the Forerunner 110 and other Garmin products, visit or

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  • I have been using a 110 for a few months now and honestly don't know what I would do without it! Like you said it really is idiot proof and I really appreciate it for the fact that every time I go to run with it, it actually works every time!

    My Garmin 110 Review

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