Soleus 262 Watch Review

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Do you consider yourself to be a “true runner” and like to support those companies that are compassionate about the running industry? The folks over at Soleus Running are passionate runners and watch makers that have come up with an alternative to some of the other sport watches out there. The Soleus 262 comes with a 100 lap memory, so if you out doing track work or running an ultra, having a large lap memory is nice to help evaluate your training. Another feature we liked for the purpose of laps and pace; you can set up predefined paces in the watch and keep track of how you’re doing compared to your target time, similar to the time bands they give you for a marathon. For setting up your time, timers, and alarms, the watch is similar to many we have used in the past. In case you are one that likes to read the manual, it is actually pretty easy to read and understand. Overall, we thought the Soleus 262 watch is nice option for all types of runners, beginner to expert. For more information, please visit or

Features of the Soleus 262

  • Lightweight Band and Case
  • Sweat Proof PU
  • 100 Lap Memory
  • 5 Interval Timers
  • Convertible Display
  • Multiple Time Zones/Alarms
  • Target Time
  • 5 ATM
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