Suunto T1 Heart Rate Watch Review

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The Suunto T1 Watch is the heart rate monitor for all you techies. This watch comes along with a lot of features that will help get you into the shape you always wanted. One of the features we like is the calorie counter as you work out. As you work out, you can actually see how many calories you have burned. We found the heart rate monitor strap to be very comfortable and accurate. For all you fashion enthusiast, the Suunto T1 comes in wide variety of colors to match your favorite workout outfit! One of the pitfalls with this watch and many Suunto watches is that they can be complicated to use. We ended up having to call tech support at one point to figure out how to use one of the watches. With time, we feel this will be fixed, but until then, I would recommend this watch for the techies at this point. For more info on the T1 and other Suunto products, visit

Features of the Suunto T1

  • Powerful training tool offers key statistics to help achieve your fitness goals
  • Displays current heart rate, average heart rate, and maximum heart rate
  • Features a three-tier zone training system with alarms
  • Full-featured sports watch with dual time, date, and alarm
  • Provides log memory for one workout

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