REKS Rx Sunglasses Review

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REKS is an eyewear company that is making high quality sunglasses at affordable prices. They source their premium lenses from the largest lens manufacturer in the world. Whether it is their polycarbonate or the Trivex lenses, they are all shatter resistant, include anti-reflective coating and 100% UV Protection. They match those lenses with frame styles that are bendable, flexible and unbreakable. We ordered a pair of their prescription wraparound sunglasses to see if that affordability really yields visual quality.

REKS Rx Sunglasses Frame

The REKS frames are made of their inventive polymer that offers plenty of flexibility and delivers a lightweight and comfortable fit.

This polymer has a memory that helps the REKS sunglasses frame keep and hold their shape. Even after an abnormal amount of bending and twisting they bounce right back to their natural shape. The REKS frame design is also engineered to eject the lens forward for enhanced safety, and the specially designed lens groove makes snapping lenses back into place a breeze.

This all lends it self well to potential future accidents; sit on them, step on them or even unknowingly toss heavy gear bags on them and they will snap back to their original form.

While the REKS Rx Sunglasses are extremely comfortable to wear, to the extent you almost forget you are wearing them, there is one thing I would change.

The REKS Rx Sunglasses have a Satin Touch texture finish, but do not have any rubber nose pads or ear pads to add that extra little bit of grip when wearing them for high exertion activities. While this by no means affects the wear comfort or is a deal breaker in my mind, there were those times it would have been nice. For instance, when running with them and having to bend down to tie my shoe, the sunglasses would start to slide down my face due to perspiration and no extra grip. Overall I am very happy with the frames on the REKS sunglasses, from cycling to running to hiking to everyday wear the REKS frames provide the flexibility, comfort and build that should last for many years to come.

REKS Rx Sunglasses Lenses

The lenses that I ordered with the REKS Rx Wraparound Sunglasses are REKS’ best option, the Trivex Color Boosting progressives. The Trivex lenses are cast molded and made of an exceptionally clear, lightweight, shatter-resistance lens material, which translates into excellent all day wearing comfort. These lenses have a very high ABBE value (a measure of the lens material’s dispersion of light), and this is due to the urethane-based monomer that REKS chose, which refracts less light and provides clearer and crisper visual clarity. To a point that looking through them seems to increase the sharpness of everything when comparing these to some of my other sunglasses.

As for the prescription portion of the lenses, REKS sends these out to iCoat to have the Rx done, lenses cut, mounted and coated. I have had Rx lenses from iCoat in the past and they have always been top notch and the Rx progressive Trivex lenses on the REKS sunglasses were perfect. No distortions, no imperfections, just crystal clear corrected vision.

The material used in the Trivex lenses not only provides crisp, clear optics, but also offers protection from extreme impact, UV radiation and everyday wear and tear.

Features on the REKS Sunglasses

  • Unbreakable memory-flex polymer construction
  • Lightweight and comfortable, especially under a helmet
  • Satin-touch texture for grip & comfort
  • Front-eject lens-retention groove increases safety
  • Prescription lens ready
  • Base 8 lens curve
  • Lens: 57MM | Bridge: 16.5mm | Temple: 118mm

Final Thoughts on the REKS Rx Sunglasses

The REKS Rx Sunglasses are nearly indestructible, deliver outstanding optics and have a lightweight, comfortable fit. If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that is easy on the wallet and can handle the rigors of an active lifestyle, REKS sunglasses are definitely worth checking out. They offer a wide assortment of frame styles with Rx and Non-Rx lens colors, everything from mirrored to polarized to photochromic.

REKS also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you do not like what you receive, you won’t have to worry about your investment going to waste. And anyone ordering from the U.S. will get free shipping and returns.

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