Brooks Cascadia 9 Trial Running Shoe Review

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The Brooks Cascadia has long been known as the work horse on the trail running scene. This shoe has been a go to trail running shoe for thousands of trail runners because it fits so many different foot types, it performs great on both technical and non technical trails, and the updates are subtle, so when you purchase the new version, you don’t have to worry about the shoe being completely different from the previous years model. The Brooks Cascadia 9 is very similar to previous years models meaning it comes with the performance you have come to expect from all Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes. See our review of the Brooks Cascadia 8.

Brooks Cascadia 9 Performance

The Brooks Cascadia 9 performs very similar to most other past Brooks Cascadia trail shoes. I’ve tested this shoe out on a number of different terrains and on a number of different distances. Living in Colorado, I primarily run on rock, but I occasionally run on trails with lots of roots as well. On both types of terrain, I find the Brooks Cascadia 9 to provide a soft ride while providing plenty of traction to keep you on your feet. I’ve run a number of runs that range between 5-10 miles and my longest run in these shoes has been 25 miles on a trail run in Buena Vista, CO. After 25 miles of running, I found the shoes to be plenty comfortable and could easily tag on another 25 miles of comfort.

Shoe Upper

Brooks Cascadia 9 Toe Bumper

Toe Box that is not too narrow and not too wide

The majority of the Cascadia 9’s upper is made of mesh that is both breathable and durable. The shoe does a great job at keeping your foot dry without letting a lot of small dirt particles and stones in the shoe. To keep your foot in place on runs, the Brooks Cascadia 9 uses synthetic material that is laminated on the shoe upper. So when you’re hopping from rock to rock, root to root, you don’t have to worry about the shoe upper from blowing out. One small feature on the Brooks Cascadia 9 that I like a lot is there are two lacing holds on the shoe tongue that keeps the tongue from sliding down on either side. To protect your toes from getting bruised, there is a protective synthetic toe bumper that is hard enough, but it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing steel toed boots. Another small feature that is nice is the loop on the heel of the shoe upper that is great if you want to hang your shoes on the outside of a pack.

Brooks Cascadia 9 Midsole and Outsole

Brooks Cascadia 9 midsole providing plenty of cushion

The Brooks Cascadia 9 midsole is great for the neutral runner that doesn’t need full blown stability. I find that if you need mild stability, this shoe will work for you as well. The midsole of the Cascadia 9 uses Brooks BioMoGo DNA that provides a good balance of shock absorption and longevity. According to Brooks literature, the Cascadia 9 works for all types of weights and sizes of runners. I can truly attest to this as the last group run I went out on included 2 women and 3 men who all ended up wearing Brooks Cascadia’s.


Front of Outsole Close up

After a muddy run

The outsole in the Brooks Cascadia has not changed much over time and there is good reason for this. The outsole is aggressive enough to keep you on trail, but it doesn’t have excessively large lugs that weigh down the shoe. I have run plenty of technical trails with thousands of feet of ascent and decent and I can’t recall one time in which the lugs didn’t provide enough traction. This outsole provides traction the right amount of traction for 90% of trail runners out there, and for those who only run super technical trails, you might want a more aggressive outsole.

Final Thoughts

The Brooks Cascadia 9 continues on with the tradition of pleasing so many trail runners with it’s durability, cushion ride, foot protection, and familiarity. And for the hikers and fast packers out there that want a light, protective, and cushioned shoe, this is a great option. For more information, please visit or


  • 11.7 oz Men’s 9,
  • 9.7 oz Women’s 7
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