New Balance MT910 GT Running Shoe Review

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3 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    The new NB MT910GT MAY just be the best fitting, most comfortable, running show I have ever owned. Sure it’s a waterproof (Gore-Tex) trail shoe, but the shoe is so light, and flexible, it is even great for the road.

    Expect a lot MORE great things from New Balance.

  2. Robin says:

    Just picked these up today so haven’t had a real chance to give them a workout, they did however feel great on the TM but I will say that the fit was exactly what I was expecting from New Balance. I currently run in New Balance 1062 and 1063s on the road. This shoe fit more like the older 1062 in my opinion, and I liked it. My U.S. size 10 weighed in a 410gm each a bit under the published 420gm for a size 9.5. so a bit lighter then stated but not a lot. The cushioning seems fine but they are a bit less flexible through the midsection of the shoe probably because of the rock plate.

    Overall looks like a good prospect from the folks at New Balance for the trail runner.

  3. Jarod says:

    I’m a US Army Artillery Forward Observer…. running is a constant part of my life. I bought a pair of 910’s at the Ft. Lewis PX, for my physical training uniform, and I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. It rains a lot, at Ft. Lewis…. so the GoreTex is a nice touch, for out here. The comfort and weight leave nothing to be desired, whatsoever, and, holy hell, is this shoe stable! I have gone through about 8 different running shoes, in my 5 military years, and if I can help it at all, I will never own another model, again. This shoe ought to be issued to us, in Basic Training.

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