Adidas Terrex Boost Review

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Adidas Terrex Boost

Initial Thoughts

Adidas is a company that’s obviously been around for a very long time.  In Spring 2015 Adidas released the Adidas Terrex Boost for both men and women. Adidas’ mission is clear: we strive to help you perform at your best and the Terrex Boost came out this spring to prove just that! The Terrex Boost is designed for neutral to mild pronators who want to play hard on the trails and to bounce off every rock, pebble, stone, tree, and piece of dirt that nature throws in the middle of the trail. With the Boost technology you will have an extra spring in your step as you race towards that finish line.

Adidas Terrex Boost

Adidas Terrex Boost Fit & Upper

Right out of the box I loved the look of this shoe. Sleek, slim design with a splash of purple makes the Terrex Boost an attractive looking shoe. If it doesn’t look good we won’t wear it….right women?!?! The first time I slipped my foot into the Terrex Boost I thought the shoe was slightly large. I’m a pretty solid 8.5 in almost every shoe. This shoe feels more like a size 9 than an 8.5. I would definitely suggest trying these on before purchasing to make sure you get the perfect fit. I have a slightly wide forefoot and the toe box felt very comfortable for me. It could be that the shoes were slightly on the larger size, but I felt the toe box left ample room for my toes to wiggle without being too large for slipping around.

Adidas designed the Terrex Boost to echo the contours of a woman’s foot. The shoe has a stretchy mesh upper with synthetic overlays for added durability and support. The mesh upper is cool and comfortable. The mesh allows your feet to breath during those hot summer days. It has been extremely rainy this spring/summer here in sunny Colorado and the Adidas Terrex Boost shines in the rain. The mesh dries quickly when wet and I didn’t get too much water in my shoe during puddle jumping because of the synthetic overlay on the lower portion of the upper. That synthetic overlay provides extra durability and stability but still is flexible so your foot can bend and move freely.

Stretchy Mesh Upper with Synthetic Overlay

The EVA tongue top and collar is so soft and makes wearing the Adidas Terrex Boost without socks very comfortable. I don’t love running without socks but I did wear these shoes quite a bit walking my dog without socks on. The tongue collar and shoe fit around my ankles felt great and I didn’t experience any rubbing or chaffing. If you love to run sockless, I would take a look at the Adidas Terrex Boost for sure! Another thing that I love about the tongue is that it’s connected to the upper with extended side wings so while you’re running little pebbles or specks of dirt don’t make their way into your shoe because the tongue doesn’t move around.

Extended Side Wings

Adidas constructed the Terrex Boost as a women’s specific fit. PRO-MODERATOR is a medial support device that prevents overpronation. I have high arches and typically pronate slightly. I’m not sure I could honestly tell a difference that it truly helped stabilize my foot over other trail runners but I did feel like I had a consistent foot strike. The arch support is minimal but I was able to obtain such a good fit that my arches didn’t seem to miss the support.

Terrex Boost Footbed

The Laces

I have a love/hate relationship with these shoes…well I mean the laces really! Right out of the box I thought the speed lacing laces looked very long but I didn’t give it another thought…..until I went for a quick run before work.  I put on my shoes, pulled the long laces through their lace bungee and off I went. I didn’t even make it to the trail head which is a half of mile from my house when WHAM, I was on the ground. My laces had slipped out of their lace bungee and my whole right foot went through my left shoes lace loop. I was on the ground so fast that I wasn’t sure how I got there at first until I couldn’t get my feet apart!

The culprit of my fall

As I hobbled home I thought why were the laces so long? I actually had to get an X-ray to get my wrist checked out. Some decent abrasions, and a very sore wrist played havoc on my life for a few weeks.

Later that day I ruffled through the box to find a speed lacing shortening manual. My bad! That would’ve been nice to know prior to falling! Needless to say, always read the directions to your shoes! Typically shoes do not come with instructions but the Adidas Terrex Boost do! Please learn from my mistake (I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s done this)! Cut the laces to the appropriate size so they don’t become a tripping hazard. I’ve never had to shorten any speed laces before. I’m not sure why Adidas chose to make the laces that way. I guess you live and learn.

Shortening Manual


After Shortening to the appropriate length

The lace bungee is pretty much useless. Even after I shortened my laces, they really don’t stay in the lace bungee. So I typically put the laces through the lace bungee and then under the toe box lace for extra security. I’m not taking any chances! Besides my minor mishap, I’m ok with the speed lacing system and am able to obtain an overall snug fit.

Lace Bungee

The Midsole

Adida’s Boost technology is something to talk about! The white bubbly portion of the shoe is the amazing Boost that will put an extra spring in your step or bounce in your stride. Boost technology is all about energy return. It’s able to store energy and unleash it when you need it. According to Adidas the little Boost capsules are made to stay strong and not wear as quickly as traditional EVA material. Boost capsules stay highly elastic and soft over a wide range of temperatures and can carry a heavy load.  Boost absorbs the kinetic energy generated by the runner as the foot lands, and returns some of it to the runner while the foot is pressed down. Being able to have returned energy is amazing technology and Boost is one of a kind!

Boost energy-returning

I felt the Boost’s performance was exceptional. I truly was able to bounce off of rocks on an incline with ease. I really enjoyed trail running in my Adidas Terrex Boost shoes. With the new Boost technology it was a delightful surprise to find myself running longer and my legs not being as fatigued as they usually are. It didn’t matter if I was quickly descending or slowing climbing up, I was able to run a little faster. The heel is lined with a thin TPU film for even extra stability.

The Outsole

Lets talk about traction! Man does the Adidas Terrex Boost have it! It doesn’t just have it, it owns it! Continental is a company that specializes in tires. You guessed it! You are essentially running on tires! The tread on the Terrex Boost shoe is pretty unreal. Tire like treads line the sole of the shoe with tough yet flexible rubber. I’ve been running in rain and mud a lot lately. These shoes grip to just about anything! Slippery rocks, tree branches, mud you can just plow through the elements without missing a step. Even if mud gets lodged in between the big lugs it sticks to the sides and not on top, so you don’t lose any grip.

Big Lugs

The big lugs made running across uneven terrain pretty easy. The shoe was flexible enough to keep me fairly even. These shoes could be worn in any season. I think they would do really well in winter conditions! I’ve been running on these shoes for a little over a month and I haven’t noticed any wear on the treads. The midsole & outsole of the Adidas Terrex Boost are pretty much unstoppable!

Continental Rubber Outsole

Tire like Tread

Final Thoughts on the Adidas Terrex Boost

For a women’s specific trail shoe designed for neutral to mild pronators with a 6mm heel to toe drop the Adidas Terrex Boost is one heck of a shoe. With the new Boost technology your foot strike will be more consistent running through any rugged terrain. The Continental tire outsoles are pretty awesome. Great grip, stability, and traction. This is a wonderful lightweight trail running or racing shoe. With Size 7 weighing 9.9 ounces it is lightweight enough to keep you running efficiently for miles. The big lugs seem like they would weigh you down but that just isn’t the case. Overall, besides my lace mishap, the Adidas Terrex Boost is a great trail shoe. I would just suggest Adidas change the lace bungee and shorten the laces up quite a bit! If you are in the market for a new trail shoe, I’d give the Adidas Terrex Boost a try!

MSRP $160

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