Asics Nimbus 14 Running Shoe Review

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3 Responses

  1. asicsrunner says:

    Good review, only disappointment are the tiny pictures included, also if you’re into speed maybe a second pair or another shoe is the better choice. When I’m after speed I tend to switch my nimbus out for a faster shoe.

    The shoe is a great all-rounder, it has the technology from the kayano 18 but in a shoe that’s neutral, and a bit lighter which is always a plus.

    So if you like riding on clouds while running, pick this one!

  2. Ray says:

    Current 2170 owner. I want to move to the Nimbus 14s. My 2170s tend to get holes in the mesh where the top of my big toe is. Also, the mesh is starting to detach from the bottom on the outer side of my right shoe. Does the Nimbus 14 have stronger material in the bg toe area on the top of the shoe? I love the breathability of the mesh. I just tend to make holes in it after 2 or 3 months with 25+ miles a week

  3. Hi Ray,

    It is hard to say on this one. It sounds like your toes are prone to breaking through the mesh on most if not all shoes. I would suggest cutting your toe nails, but I am sure you already tried that. At 25 miles a week, you are probably around 350 or so miles which is close to the point of replacement depending on how you wear out your shoes.

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